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Predator Calling in Ozona TX using Thermal

Calling for predators is simply cool!  I’ve hunted for the last 30 years and will say that using thermal optics while calling predators has to be one of the coolest experiences I’ve had.  It is definitely a different way to hunt and requires a little bit of work to get it right, but once you’re on it, it is a lot of fun!
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Grizzly Cooler 60 Review

Grizzly Coolers are handmade in the US and are at the top of the food chain for heavy-duty coolers, fitting name.

For those of us that live in the outdoors and really use our equipment we know that there is truth to the axiom “you get what you pay for” .  If you spend days at a time away from civilization, be it hunting, fishing, camping, motorcycle riding, mountain biking, etc.. you have probably been through a few coolers in your life.  The cheap ones break, they need to constantly have fresh ice added to them, both of which are a major pain if you are in the middle of nowhere or just don’t dealing with hassles and are one of those “do it right and be done with it types” here is a cooler for you…

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