3 Different Types of Competitive Shooting

3 Different Types of Competitive Shooting

Shooting competitions can test the shooter’s accuracy, speed, and decision-making. Join a competition to improve your firearm skills in a fun and challenging environment. Learn about three different types of competitive shooting and consider getting into this activity.

1. Rifle Shooting

Rifle shooting events include silhouette shooting and bench rest shooting. In silhouette shooting, competitors use small gauge rifles to hit targets at varying distances. Targets can get set at different heights and angles, and some even move.

Benchrest shooting tests the shooter’s accuracy. As the name suggests, the rifle rests on a table or bench during the match. The competitor shoots at paper or steel targets.

2. Pistol Shooting

Pistol shooting is another type of competitive shooting. Pistol shooting events include bullseye shooting and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) shooting events.

In bullseye shooting matches, competitors shoot long distances of over 50 yards. Contests typically mix slow fire and rapid fire.

In IDPA shooting events, participants exhibit self-defense shooting. The range is set up so that competitors use defensive tactics with carry gear. Just like for real-life defensive carry, competitors should choose the right holster for the competition.

3. Shotgun Shooting

Competitive shotgun shooting consists of three general categories: skeet shooting, trap shooting, and sporting clay shooting. In all types of shotgun shooting events, competitors fire at clay targets.

In skeet shooting, clay targets get fired from opposite directions and cross each other. In trap shooting, the clay targets get thrown in the direction the shooter is facing.

In sporting clay shooting, competitors shoot at clay targets thrown from different heights and at various speeds and angles. Sporting clay shooting mimics the task of shooting wild birds.

This partial list of competitive shooting competition styles gives you an overview of the variety of shooting competitions. It’s the first step in finding the right event for you. Consider attending matches to see what they’re like in person.

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