4 Tips for Texas Gardeners To Tackle the Heat

4 Tips for Texas Gardeners To Tackle the Heat

In Texas, gardening is war. Though there are plenty of native plants that find a way to thrive in the heat and humidity, many typical garden plants are hard to grow. This difficulty can be a source of frustration for vegans looking to grow fruits and veggies. Below are four tips for Texas gardeners to tackle the heat.

1. Make the Most of Shade

The main problem with gardening in Texas isn’t the soil or humidity; it’s the summer heat. In August, you can expect temperatures to reach triple digits on most days. That’s just too much time in direct sunlight for many plants. Delicate herbs, especially, don’t stand a chance. So, if you want to try gardening in Texas, figure out which side of your house or apartment gets the most shade during the late parts of the day and turn that space into your gardening haven.

2. Use More Mulch Than Usual

Keeping plants watered when temperatures are high can feel downright impossible. As soon as you water your plants, it seems like the sun just evaporates everything. The trick is to choose your watering times carefully and put down a thick layer of mulch around your plants to protect their roots. The mulch will help keep the sun from getting to the water before your plants can take a drink.

3. Slow Flow Irrigation Is Your Friend

It pays to install a slow-flow irrigation system for in-ground gardening. These systems allow water to drip into the ground near your plants over time. You won’t have to worry so much about staying on top of the watering during the hottest parts of the day, and your plants will get plenty of hydration.

4. Consider Installing a Greenhouse

Installing a greenhouse in your backyard could be worthwhile if you’re struggling with gardening. A greenhouse helps Texas gardeners tackle the heat by controlling where the sunlight comes from. Looking to set up a greenhouse quickly? Consider getting a versatile dome greenhouse to control pests and allow for customizable insulation.

Gardening in Texas can be difficult if you’re new to the region, but plenty of people make it work. Make sure to check out some books on Texas gardening and focus on plants that grow well in your zone.

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