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7 Tips You Need To Implement To Become A Better Turkey Hunter

Hunting is an excellent outdoor activity enjoyed by many people. Most people think hunting down a turkey is a walk in the park, forgetting or underestimating the prowess of a turkey and its peas sized head. Turkey hunting may be quite the challenge especially for those who are a tyro in the art of hunting. Despite their heavyweight, turkeys are fast movers and fliers. Before going out for your turkey hunting expedition, it is important that you have a clear picture of where to shoot a turkey.

turkey hunting
What an awesome day!

#1 Scouting a place to hunt

Scouting a place to hunt turkey is an important aspect of hunting experience for both amateurs and seasoned hunters. There are private and public hunting grounds. You need to get permission before you begin hunting on any of these properties. You can start off by finding out from various hunting grounds when they will be opening it for hunting. With that information, you get adequate time to prepare and practice your aiming and shooting skills before going out to hunt. Remember that taking out a turkey is a one-chance affair and you do not want to miss this opportunity.

#2 Scouting for turkeys

You can also visit the hunting grounds before their official opening to have a tour of the grounds. This will help you to know where to find them. Since turkeys are messy birds, tracking them may not be so hard. You can trail them by looking for scratching marks on the ground, droppings, and feathers.

#3 Hunting gear and setup

Camouflage is necessary when hunting. It helps you to blend with the environment making it near impossible for the turkeys to realize your presence, hence making them easy prey. Your entire outfit should be camouflaged from your boots, shirt, jacket, pants, and your facemask. Also, ensure that your other items such as decoys, maps, snack, calls, rifles, and rifle bipods are in place.

#4 Calling

turkey hunting
Calling them in

Stalking a turkey is highly discouraged since it leads to unnecessary hunting accidents and is usually unsuccessful. The best way to get near a turkey is by calling it. For instance, if you are targeting a gobbler, you are supposed to make soft tree yelps or clucks imitating a hen to attract its attention. Be sure not to call out too loudly or too frequently to avoid attracting other hunters or making the gobbler suspicious. Once you have its attention, do not move. Just listen carefully for the gobbler’s footsteps or its sounds. Remember, the gobbler may appear from any direction. Stay still until the turkey is in clear sight.

#5 Target

By the time you go turkey hunting, you should have mastered your most efficient shooting range. You should also have studied your rifle to know which load works best at various ranges. Position yourself in a spot where you have a clear view of the incoming turkey or other hunters approaching your calling area.

Also, make sure that your calling position is next to a tree. A tree is highly recommended since it can obscure your human outline as well as provide a resting place for your back as you patiently wait for your prey. When your turkey appears, do not get all excited and forget to conceal your presences. Ensure that the turkey is in a good range before shooting. Make sure that no other hunters are in line with the bird you intend to shoot.

#6 Shooting the turkey

Knowing where to shoot a turkey is crucial if you want to achieve an instant kill. Before heading out to hunt, you should practice your aiming skills with your rifle to reduce chances of missing a shot or wounding a turkey and letting it escape.

For an instant kill, it is important to aim for the head of the bird or its vital organs such as its breast or wing butt. A headshot is a perfect shot since it instantly kills the turkey. However, getting this shot can be hustle since its head is a small moving target. The secret would be to aim at the point where the neck meets the body. A clear sight picture will help you to achieve a bull’s eye shot. As soon as you gain a clear sight picture, shoot with a clear aim of the head.

#7 After the shot

A good shot should drop the turkey immediately. If the bird does not fall immediately, a follow-up shot is highly recommended to prevent it from running off. For safety reasons, put your turkey in a blaze orange carrier or stuff an orange blaze in your coat before walking out of the hunting ground with your turkey. An orange cap or gloves also work great.

When going out to hunt, it is judicious that you carry your first aid kit since accidents often happen when carrying out this activity. It is also prudent that you respect other hunter’s space by not getting between them and a bird. Turkey hunting is an exhilarating and exciting event that you and your family can engage in for fun.

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