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Several years ago, while walking around the Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza, I had the pleasure of meeting Bobby Bohannon, who at the time was the manager and lead guide with 3P Ranch in Uvalde Texas.

After 30 minutes looking at their both and taking with Bobby, my wife and I knew we were kindred spirits and meant to hunt together.

Several times we as a family went out to 3P under Bobby’s tenure, and while there, we were witness to a successful management program on the property. Solid genetics, food program with food plots and pastures for winter grazing, and effective and warranted predator control.

Fast forward a few years, and now Bobby is now freelance. His years of experience with various game ranches and livestock operations has provided him the opportunity to share his knowledge and help other ranches grow and be successful throughout the hill country.

And to top it all off, he’s also “Uncle Ted’s” camera man of choice when in the hill country.

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