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Fishing in Texas

Low Tide Redfish

We have seen some ups and downs on the Middle Texas Coast lately.  Naturally our lakes are holding trout and reds on a consistent basis.  If you try to avoid the crowds in the more popular lakes, it has been anything but consistent.  If the water is up, the trout bite is on in almost every part of the bay, but with the few fronts we have had the water has fell out and so has the fish in these spots.  The redfish remain constant in these areas, but the trout scatter. Continue reading Low Tide Redfish

Devils River Paddling, Camping, Fishing

The Devils River is one of those legendary wild spots that surfaces in rumor around the campfire.  It is a harsh unforgiving environment in a true wilderness setting.  A group of us have tried planning a canoe fishing trip to the Devils River for years but the logistics are a challenge.  These new paddler camp sites will benefit those seeking a new adventure.

I first heard of the Devils River from reading Shannon Tompkins’ stories in the Houston Chronicle.  Any river with a section named Big Satan is  bound to be high drama.

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Port Mansfield Trophy Trout

Last week’s Port Mansfield trips were action packed. We fished a couple days in warm weather, then got hit by a front and temps dropped a little, which triggered a big fish bite. Mansfield trips are trophy trout trips, with the intention of upping your personal best. One client was able to achieve that, as it was his first ever saltwater wading trip.

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Chasing Redfish with Capt. Nathan Beabout

It was a bit of a grind yesterday until the cool front arrived. Slick calm conditions meant our only shot at a bite was redfish.  A handful showed up, crushing topwaters and Down South Lures dirty tequila.  About an hour after the front, we found a small trout bite, and managed to loose a couple of very solid fish.  We’ll get ’em next time! Continue reading Chasing Redfish with Capt. Nathan Beabout

Capt. Nathan Beabout Fishing Report

Starting on Saturday, we found fish in an old favorite spot with zero boat traffic.  With a stiff east wind, we walked along a big dirty streak of water that was teaming with bait. We landed several small trout at first, but about halfway down the dirty water keepers started to take the baits.  No redfish in the mix, which was surprising, because this area is known to hold good winter reds.  We strung several fish from 18-20″, most fish were caught on Down South’s blue moon, kickin chicken, and Corky Softdines. Continue reading Capt. Nathan Beabout Fishing Report

February and March Wade Fishing in Texas

With duck season coming to a close in just 3 weeks, let’s start looking ahead to some early/late spring fishing. February on the Middle Texas Coast can be the coldest month of the year, but it can also prove to have many warmer than usual days. A typical rule of thumb is, if our February is mild, our March will be too. Yes, there will be a few late season cold fronts, but I doubt they stick around for any period of time. Continue reading February and March Wade Fishing in Texas

Fish ‘n Gig Report 12/23/16

Trout fishing has been holding a solid pattern. Weather has not affected the bite to bad, we are still able to find fish each day, it is just a matter of timing. Over the last few trips it has been a mid-morning bite, lasting until about 1:30-1:45pm. Most of our wades have been concentrated over shell and mud in knee to thigh deep water, and even on the calm days the clean water has not seem to damper the bite. Our baits of choice have been lighter colored soft plastics and Corkys. With a pretty consistent weather pattern, I expect to see little change in the feeding pattern, although if we continue on this small warming trend the bite will become more aggressive. Continue reading Fish ‘n Gig Report 12/23/16

Seadrift Fishing Report Dec. 13, 2016

Solid day of wade fishing over knee deep mud/grass. Between the two of us, we caught 30-40 trout and 6-7 reds. Released two 5 pounders on back to back topwater cast. Other baits of choice were Corky Softdines and Down South Lures key lime. 

Our Waterloo Rods and Fins Braid got a work out today! The key today was finding areas holding rafts of mullet. In these areas the bite was very strong, dragging a topwater or Corky Softdine through this bait proved to be the ticket. On wades we made with single jumping mullet here and there, meant we had to walk twice the distance for one or two bites, and it wasn’t always a keeper. 

This time of year you have to pay attention, listen to what the water is telling you. And, just like today don’t be afraid to get right back in the boat after only a handful of cast. Go looking for the bait. Regardless if it’s a break in the weather or during a front, fishing has been hot. Give me a call today for winter wading prices.
We have a lot of winter left, don’t miss your chance at some fine fishing.
Captain Nathan Beabout

(210) 452-9680

N&M Sportsman’s Adventures

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Seadrift Fishing Report December 7, 2016

What was supposed to be a sight casting trip, turned into us chasing trout first thing in the morning, hoping by mid-day the sun would pop out. Lucky for us we landed on some solid trout right off the bat. Putting several fish in the box over 20″ and capping it off with some respectable 18-19″ fish. Continue reading Seadrift Fishing Report December 7, 2016

San Antonio Bay fishing report

With a steady 10-15 mph north wind, we decided to take our chances down south of SA Bay. Days like this one with cloudy skies, and cool temps had us all hoping for some big trout action. Our first couple wades came up with just a couple solid trout and a few nice reds. Then by mid-morning as the sun tried to peak out, bait fish became more active, pelicans were crashing the shorelines, and the bite turned on.

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Seadrift Redfish fishing report

The trip started off a little chilly as we waited for the sun to climb. With the passing cold front, our tides have dropped to normal levels. This is a very welcome sight because now trout and reds will start to congregate back in there normal areas. Many of my favorite spots to wade were simply to deep until this front. On the sight casting trip it helped to funnel redfish out of the secluded ponds and puddles, and pushed them into creeks and larger lakes with relatively deeper shorelines. From what we saw today many redfish were traveling in small groups of 3-6, not many singles. Continue reading Seadrift Redfish fishing report