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Fishing in Texas

Seadrift Redfish fishing report

The trip started off a little chilly as we waited for the sun to climb. With the passing cold front, our tides have dropped to normal levels. This is a very welcome sight because now trout and reds will start to congregate back in there normal areas. Many of my favorite spots to wade were simply to deep until this front. On the sight casting trip it helped to funnel redfish out of the secluded ponds and puddles, and pushed them into creeks and larger lakes with relatively deeper shorelines. From what we saw today many redfish were traveling in small groups of 3-6, not many singles. Continue reading Seadrift Redfish fishing report

Fishing with Brandon Blanch in Seadrift Texas

As someone who has been married a long time, I can tell you it’s important to find common hobbies for you and your spouse.  I recently had a conversation with my wife Stefnie about fishing, which she explained she would like to do more of.  Stefnie grew up fishing lakes and rivers with her dad, but never along the coastal waterways.  Stefnie has hunted with me before but I’m not much of a fisherman. So I contacted a friend of mine, Brandon Blanch, to see about introducing my wife to the world of coastal fishing.  Continue reading Fishing with Brandon Blanch in Seadrift Texas

CastAway Rods

CastAway Rods has moved to a new location in Northwest Houston, Texas.  I visited their showroom recently to pick up a new trout and redfish spinning rod.  The new store is clean, modern, and features the complete selection of CastAway rods.  The main advantages of purchasing directly are a) the rod you want will be available and b) you can rest assured that the rods were not used for sword fighting in the aisle at Academy. Continue reading CastAway Rods

Chasing Redfish with Captain Nathan Beabout

If you want to really learn how to fish for speckled trout and redfish, get out of the boat and into the water.  We did just that with Captain Nathan Beabout out of Seadrift, Texas.

Most all Texas Gulf Coast fishing guides will put you onto fish.  Live shrimp (or croaker if available) over an oyster reef or grass bed is a time-proven method to put fish into the cooler.  And any time on the water landing fish is a great day.  But shrimp under a popping cork isn’t the most exciting or rewarding way to fish.  To really crank up the thrill level get out of boat and wade fish with top-waters.  Standing in waste-deep water and having a big spec or red blow up right in front of you is the way it is meant to be. Continue reading Chasing Redfish with Captain Nathan Beabout

Lake Palestine Charity Bass Tournament

THE COFFEE CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT NEEDS YOUR HELP!  We are requesting any assistance you can give. The Coffee City Police Department is asking for donations, prizes, sponsorship, public relations support, volunteering of time and any other assistance we can get.

On May 21, 2016; with the assistance and support of the Coffee City Economic Development Corporation and the Lake Palestine Resort, we are hosting the First Annual Belts and Hoses Charity Fishing Tournament on Lake Palestine. Proceeds will go to the Coffee City Police and Fire Departments. Continue reading Lake Palestine Charity Bass Tournament

Why I love Simms Fishing Products

Let me tell you why I love Simms Fishing Products.  First, a little background.  I grew up fishing the South Texas Gulf Coast from Rockport down to Baffin Bay and the Land Cut.  Fly fishing was unheard of back then.  I knew of no one who used a fly rod.  Fly-fishing for tailing redfish is exploding in popularity theses days but when I was coming up it was non-existent.  Therefore, I knew next to nothing about fly fishing gear.  I rarely wore waders fishing and if I did I pulled on my tough, inexpensive duck hunting waders. Continue reading Why I love Simms Fishing Products