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Fishing in Texas

Mattson’s Redfish

Mattson, our little boy, has been asking me for a big boy fishing pole. So being that he turns 4 on Saturday, we gave him a Zebco 202 with a 5.5 foot rod.

Today he wore it out, catching 2 of his 3 reds by himself. Put a 1/2oz black spoon or a crazy mullet and he could throw it a mile. Luckily we had a pod of redfish that we were able to keep up with. He landed 2-26’s and a 27” red for dinner tonight. He also fought one I hooked on a DSL strawberry wine, which was 33”. He said it was HUGE!

Capt. Nathan Beabout


Mattson's Redfish

Trinity Oaks StarKids Saltwater Extravaganza

Trinity Oaks is a charitable organization dedicated to providing hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation activities to those in need or at risk. They offer up to 100 events per year to veterans, families with special needs, and underprivileged youth.

One such event is the StarKids 2020 fishing trip to Port O’Connor. Six children who have lost a military or law enforcement parent were invited to attend this incredible outdoor adventure.

Please consider supporting Trinity Oaks, a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Seadrift Sight Casting Report

Another great day with beautiful redfish chasin’ weather! Reds were found today working sand shelves next to 3/4 foot of water.

We had to throw a few baits at em to figure out what they wanted. DSL’s candy apple, and Buggs Lures worked good early when they were crawling on the bars. Then they wanted the crazy mullet as the day heated up and the fell off the edges.

Capt. Nathan Beabout


Sight Casting in Seadrift

Great day with repeat clients sight casting reds. We got to chase a small school for a bit, then our attention turned to singles and pairs cruising in 18-24” of water.

Our baits of choice that had the POC custom rods doubled over were the DSL super models white ice, the bandit, and payday.

Whether you want to sight cast or wade, i have a few days open the last week of August, and plenty of availability for September. Give us a call to book your trip.

Capt. Nathan Beabout


Seadrift Trout Report

Started before sun up wading for trout with DSL’s chicken of the c, on the oyster shell. The trout weren’t wanting to play nice today.

So as the winds slicked off we decided to go chase pods of reds. The first shoreline we pulled up to had reds in small groups, and singles crawling down the bank. But wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t wanna play either. Making some really good casts on single fish swimming right at us, and nothing. It took a few hours and a couple of moves to finally stick a few fish.

You would have thought with the perfect conditions, the outcome would have had a perfect ending. But, sometimes this is how it goes. We were in the right zip code, and tomorrow is a different day.

Capt. Nathan Beabout

Waterloo Salinity Rods

The Waterloo Salinity is my favorite rod for fishing the mid-coast for speckled trout and redfish. It is a great combination of reasonable price and outstanding performance. The Waterloo shop is conveniently located in Victoria and offers a wide selection of rods, reels, and accessories.

I currently run a Salinity 7’0″ spinning rod – Medium/Moderate – with a Shimano Stradic 3000. We primarily fish artificials although we might occasionally throw shrimp or croaker (although, I really hate messing around with bait!). The Salinity has the power and control to cast top-waters, spoons, and soft-plastics in all conditions. Walking a Spook Junior or bouncing a DSL, the Salinity gets the job done.

My 7’0″ Salinity casting rod is fitted with a Lews. This is my first Lews and I’m still getting used to it so a full report on this rod will have to wait. However, given the number of days I have fished the spinning version, I’m confident the casting Salinity will do just fine.

The cork split grip handle has become my favorite style. I have these split handles on a number of rods, including other makes.

In the picture below, we were wading the outside of Contee when I spotted a tailing red up in a grass pocket against the shore. Given the prevailing SE wind and distance to target, I had to put everything I had into the cast. The bone/silver Spook, Jr landed within a bucket of my aim, and, the red exploded on it! It wasn’t until later that night did I learn that my brother had captured the cast.

Waterloo Rods
Into the teeth of the wind! Waterloo doing work at Contee.

Waterloo Rods

Waterloo Salinity 7’0″ Medium/Moderate $169.

Seadrift Fishing Report

After using my “phone a friend life line” asking a couple questions about water clarity in other parts of the bay. I was able to put these boys on a bite of solid 18-21” trout.

Throwing DSL’s Super Natural, on POC custom rods on the edges of reefs is how we found our fish. Lucky for us the wind stayed down just long enough.

Give us a call or shoot us a text for August-October availability.

Capt. Nathan Beabout

Capt. Nathan’s Seadrift Report

Hit a bite early on the backside of the minor feed walking thigh to waist deep sandbars. Our best baits on this wade were DSL’s white ice and chicken of the c in sandy water.

Give us a shout for August-October availability. Good fishing coming in the next few months. Whether you want to wade or sight cast, you won’t be disappointed.

Capt. Nathan Beaboout


Seadrift Sight Casting

Such a fun day with repeat clients. Had a ball chasing schools of redfish with silver spoons, DSL’s strawberry wine super models, and POC custom rods.

This time of year into September with the lower wind days, you will be amazed at what our bays can hold.

Capt. Nathan Beabout

Capt. Nathan Beabout
Cell: (210) 452-9680
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Seadrift Redfish Report

Had a fun morning with a good buddy, Chris. We went playing lolking for some reds for upcoming trips. All our fish were released to fight another day.

Looks like the wind may finally blow itself out by the weekend, with next week returning to a normal pattern. If you would like to sight cast and chase some redfish around give me a call!

Capt. Nathan Beabout


Seadrift Report

Fun day two days throwing DSL’s strawberry wine, blue moon, and kicken chicken.

Had some topwater action early during the major feed, then they wanted it bounced off the bottom. Fish were holding in thigh to crotch deep sand pockets hitting small rafts of finger mullet.

Give us a shout for July/August availability.

Capt. Nathan Beabout


Capt. Beabout Trout and Redfish

A fun 2 days with these repeat clients. Always good to get the youngsters on the water.

Day 1 we waded throwing topwaters,  DSL kickin chicken, and victorious secret for any early morning trout bite in knee to thigh deep water.

Day 2 we made a couple wades and came up with a few trout, spooked a smalll school of reds, and lost a 6-7# trout. We were all a little frustrated, so we decided with the calming winds to go sight cast some reds and let these boys feel some big pulls. Reds and drum wanted the candy apple. It was a very eventful afternoon!

Give us a call for June-August availability.

Capt. Nathan Beabout