The Best Freshwater Fish To Catch at Night

The Best Freshwater Fish To Catch at Night

Are you a fishing enthusiast who wants to catch more fish? If you haven’t tried night fishing yet, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to catch some of the biggest and most elusive freshwater fish. Night fishing might initially seem intimidating, but with the right techniques and equipment, you can make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Read on to discover the five best freshwater fish to catch at night.


Catfish are a natural choice for night fishing because they are nocturnal and feed heavily at night. They can be caught using a wide range of bait, such as crawfish, nightcrawlers, chicken liver, and stink bait. When fishing for catfish at night, you’ll want to use a heavy-duty rod and reel, along with a strong braided fishing line. You can also use a glow stick attached to your fishing line to help you see when you get a bite.


Largemouth bass are known to feed at night, especially in the summertime when surface water temperatures are warm. You’ll want to fish with a topwater lure that creates a commotion on the water’s surface to catch them. Some effective lures for night fishing include jitterbugs, frogs, and buzz baits. You’ll also want to use a rod and reel with a high gear ratio to quickly reel in a bass once you get a bite.


Walleye are another popular freshwater fish that can be caught at night. They tend to feed heavily during the hours just before sunrise and just after sunset. To catch walleye, use a jig or a crankbait that imitates their natural prey, such as minnows, leeches, and crawfish. You’ll also want to fish at the right depth, which can vary depending on the time of year and the water temperature.


Crappies are a favorite of freshwater anglers, and they can also be caught at night. These fish hang out near underwater structures like brush piles, drop-offs, and weed beds. To catch crappie at night, use a lighted bobber or a glow stick to help you see when you get a bite. You can also use minnows, worms, or small jigs as bait.


While most trout species are not nocturnal, some are more active at night than during the day. For example, brown trout are known to feed at night and can be caught using a variety of lures and baits. You’ll want to fish in areas with a lot of insect activity, such as near underwater lights or streetlights. You can also use flies, spinners, or live bait to catch trout at night.

Night fishing is a fun and exciting way to catch larger fish more effectively. And by properly preparing your boat for an evening fishing excursion, you can guarantee a better chance of catching one of the best freshwater fish at night!

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