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Hunting in Texas

7 Tips You Need To Implement To Become A Better Turkey Hunter

Hunting is an excellent outdoor activity enjoyed by many people. Most people think hunting down a turkey is a walk in the park, forgetting or underestimating the prowess of a turkey and its peas sized head. Turkey hunting may be quite the challenge especially for those who are a tyro in the art of hunting. Despite their heavyweight, turkeys are fast movers and fliers. Before going out for your turkey hunting expedition, it is important that you have a clear picture of where to shoot a turkey. Continue reading 7 Tips You Need To Implement To Become A Better Turkey Hunter

Lamco UTV Road Feeder Review

I have always been a big fan of All Seasons feeders but decided to purchase the Lamco Feeders UTV Road Feeder to run on the back of my Polaris Ranger.  I have seen Lamco Feeders in the field and knew they are a quality build.  The primary advantage of the Lamco is that it is purpose-built to mount on the back of a side-by-side.  The feeder fits into the receiver hitch of your Mule or Ranger as you would expect but the clever guys at Lamco designed a raised extension tube that extends behind the bed and below the tailgate.

Lamco UTV Road Feeder
Lamco UTV Road Feeder

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10X brand camo clothing sets the bar extra high

I’ve always been the kind of guy who looks at camouflage clothing as not always necessary.  Growing up in Texas and as a rifle hunter I often find myself putting on a camo jacket or shirt and some bluejeans and call it good.  In a lot of instances that has worked well and nothing more was needed.  When hunting outside the stand however, it is a necessity that I have never spent real money on.  I’ve always been a guy that went to the big box store and bought the cheapest clothing only to have it be done in a single hard season.  For very cold weather, I have a tan set of coveralls that were made by Walls back in the late 90’s.  They have been my go to cold weather friends since I got them after high school.  When I discovered Walls acquired the 10X brand of camo clothing, I took a closer look. Continue reading 10X brand camo clothing sets the bar extra high

Ruger American Predator with Boyds Gunstocks makes the perfect combination.

I have been using a silencer to hunt for the past 8 or so years.  I made the decision that I would never hunt without a can so long as I have one and it is legal to do so.  One of the things that a can does that is annoying, is it adds weight and length to a rifle, especially gas guns.  I have been searching for a lightweight bolt gun that did not break the bank and shoots well for some time now.  I was searching new rifles when I came across the Ruger American series and noticed that the Predator line comes pre-threaded.  I have access to some pretty spendy guns, but most of them are pretty heavy, and those that are not are not yet threaded for a can.  I decided to pick up a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor to match the build up I am doing on a Ruger Precision Rifle with the same chamber.

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Seguin deer hunting report 12/31/2016

My family hunted hard over the Christmas holidays.  Unfortunately, our vacation time coincided with a warm spell and it was above 80 degrees most afternoons!  We were sure wishing for a nice cold front to come busting through but it just wasn’t happening.  One morning I got in the blind about 6:00 AM and hunted until almost noon and saw very little movement other than the danged hogs. Continue reading Seguin deer hunting report 12/31/2016

Deer Hunting Report December 2016

We have been chasing whitetail deer on our lease south of Seguin, TX hard this year.  There have been a number of nice deer taken in the 150 inch range which is a “trophy” on our place.  Anything over 140 is a damn nice deer on our ranch.  Unfortunately, I am sitting on zero but I’m hoping that luck changes this weekend.

Almost pulled the trigger on this guy but he is in that hard to judge range between “cull” and “management” and that makes a difference on our lease.   Continue reading Deer Hunting Report December 2016

Danner High Ground boots are the best for a Hunter

When hunting, an often overlooked detail is the overall comfort of your footwear.  As hunters, we don’t mind roughing it and being miserable to find our quarry.  But for the sake of your physical well being, a quality set of boots can mean the difference between filling your tag or going home early with an injury.

Earlier this year I realized I was going to hunt in Montana for Mule Deer and Colorado for Elk.  This combined with a lot of time in South Texas looking for Deer and pigs along with a little time in West Texas hunting for Predators.  I knew I needed a new set of boots to hike all over the mountains and in all conditions.

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Opening Day 2016

Opening Day of deer season is the most anticipated day of the year for those who love hunting.  We are on a MLD3 ranch so we have a soft opening in October for does and culls but the real hunt for us begins on November 1.  The first Saturday of November is special.

Our lease is south of Seguin.  We had good sign on game cams and were excited to finally be in the woods looking for that trophy buck.  We headed out Thursday morning (again, on a MLD ranch) and hunted hard until Sunday evening. Continue reading Opening Day 2016