How To Prep Your Subaru Vehicle for Off-Roading

How To Prep Your Subaru Vehicle for Off-Roading

Subarus are excellent vehicles for off-roading, but they’re not ready to tackle the great outdoors in Texas immediately. Before you take your vehicle off the beaten path, learn how to prep your Subaru vehicle for off-roading with added clearance, new tires, and armor.

Add a Lift Kit

If you plan on traversing dirt, mud, gravel, and rocky terrain, your Subaru will need extra clearance. A lift kit is essential for any vehicle you plan to take off-roading because it helps protect the crucial components of the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Even a small lift kit could make a difference on Subarus, and if you’re planning on navigating exceptionally rocky terrain, you may want to consider more lift. Better ground clearance means better protection, giving your Subaru better departure angles while driving.

Get New Tires

You can’t venture into the great outdoors on the same normal tires built for streets and paved roads. If you want to prep your Subaru vehicle for off-roading the tough Texas terrain, you will need to upgrade your tires.

Every off-road vehicle needs quality, durable, and capable tires to tackle the dirt, mud, and rock it’ll come across while off-roading. Texas mud can be especially treacherous. Off-road drivers have a few options, but if it’s your first time, some typical all-terrain tires are likely the best option for your Subaru.

Pro Tip: If you plan on navigating extreme off-road conditions, such as heavy mud, dirt, and boulders, consider using heavy-duty mud-terrain tires to gain better traction.

Install a Skid Plate

While the extra ground clearance will help protect your Subaru’s under-chassis, it’ll still face potentially damaging brush and boulders while off-roading. Every off-roader should install a skid plate to protect the critical components of your Subaru’s undercarriage.

A skid plate defends the crucial components and parts of your Subaru’s undercarriage, like the drivetrain and engine pan, from damage caused by rocks and other obstacles. Skid plates are relatively affordable, easy to install, and worthwhile for your Subaru.

Mount a Bull Bar

Speaking of armor for your Subaru, it’s also beneficial to mount some protection to the front end of your vehicle. When off-roading the great outdoors of Texas, you’ll likely come across a lot of brush, dirt, dust, gravel, and who knows what else.

All this debris can significantly damage your vehicle’s front end, so a bull bar is an essential protection for many off-roaders. Like skid plates, bull bars are easy to find and mount, and these additions go a long way in protecting your Subaru. If you plan to off-road at night or early in the morning, consider a bull bar with lights attached for better visibility.

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