A sleek chrome grill is cooking up some delicious looking skewers. The grill is on a boat in the middle of a gorgeous lake.

How To Throw a Summer Barbecue on a Boat

There are certain activities that just feel like they capture the magic of summer, such as barbecuing with friends or boating with family. But what if you could combine these classic pastimes for an epic summer bash? Today, we look at a few things you should know to throw a summer barbecue on a boat and how to ensure that everybody has a good time.

Find the Right Vessel

Having the right type of boat for your event is critical. For a large social event, like a barbecue, we recommend using a pontoon boat. These vessels often have large flat decks that offer plenty of space for grilling appliances.

Practice Proper Safety

When you’re barbecuing on a boat, being mindful of proper safety guidelines is important. For starters, avoiding doing any cooking while the boat is in motion. Surprise waves could rock the boat and knock your charcoal over, damage your propane gas tank, or cause your food to fall off the grill. Always wait until you’re at a steady rest before you do any actual cooking.

Additionally, despite the relaxed nature of the event, everyone on the boat should follow proper safety regulations. If you have families on your boat, ensure that all children are safe while on the boat. Keep raw meats and sharp or flammable grilling items away from people who aren’t actively involved in the food prep.

Plan the Right Menu

One of the best ways to throw a summer barbecue on a boat is to incorporate foods that fit the theme. While classic grilling is great, a boat barbecue deserves a menu that reflects its unique setting. Try some distinctly nautical or tropical flavors like fresh grilled pineapple or smoked salmon. Being out on the water can be the perfect excuse to tempt your guests’ taste buds with something new and exciting.

Planning a barbecue on a boat requires a lot of planning and supervision during the main event. However, when everyone gets together to enjoy the fresh air, the gentle rocking of the water, and your amazing food, all that hard work is totally worth it.

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