How To Transform Farming Land Into Hunting Grounds

How To Transform Farming Land Into Hunting Grounds

Have you ever thought about creating your own private hunting property? One way to create a hunting ground near you is to purchase land previously intended for farming. Whether the land no longer supports the intended crop or is simply done serving its original owners, what was once farmland can easily recover to become prime wilderness for hunting. Read on to learn a few key steps in the process to determine if the choice to transform farming land into hunting grounds might be for you.

Find the Right Property

The first step in transforming farming land is, of course, buying a patch of land. Virtually every state in the US has farmland available, so no matter which region you have in mind, there is a property out there for you. However, you’ll want to look into state regulations regarding land repurposing and hunting to ensure the local government allows for the transformation you have in mind.

You can find properties available through standard purchasing sites online or through local Realtors. Many acres of farmland will also be available through auction, but you will need to first understand auction terminology to increase your chances of succeeding during a bid. Once you have successfully purchased a farm property, you can begin the process of transitioning it.

Create an Ideal Wildlife Environment

Once you have a plot of land, you’ll need to transition it from flat farmland into an ideal environment for native wildlife. This process can be quite extensive, especially if your goal is to return used land to its natural state. However, you can take steps to ensure your land will be suitable for hunting long before it fully returns to Mother Nature.

Consider which natural plants attract your ideal game. For example, native clover gives whitetail deer something to eat on your land. You’ll also want to plant trees to provide plenty of cover. Finally, you need to establish a source of fresh water that will keep the wildlife hydrated.

Post Signage and Create Boundaries

As a land owner, you have a right to give people permission to hunt on your land or a right to deny people that permission. However, if your land appears to be uninhabited, other hunters may cross through it, seeking the same wildlife you are. Posting signage about trespassing and hunting permissions can help prevent other hunters from entering your land while you’re still working to bring it to life.

Additionally, you may want to create some kind of boundary that defines your property lines. While some options, such as fencing, would keep wildlife out and defeat the purpose of your property, there are other tools you can use to create these borders. Large stones can create a visual boundary, and strategic tree planting can create a more physical one. Both options allow native wildlife to still enjoy the land you are curating.

Transforming farming land into hunting grounds is a process that undoubtedly takes time. However, if you have a deep love for native wildlife and a passion for hunting, the work you need to put in will be worthwhile.

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