Off-Roading 101: 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Off-Roading 101: 4 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Off-roading is an excellent pastime in Texas, especially for those who like to go off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the state’s incredible nature and terrain. If you’re new to off-roading, don’t worry—we can help! Below is our off-roading 101 guide that outlines the common mistakes that all new off-roaders should avoid for a fun and safe excursion.

Overlooking the Weather

It’s common for off-roaders to prepare themselves so thoroughly for their excursion, from equipping their vehicle to planning their trails to packing supplies, that they forget about the weather. Obviously, in the untamed off-roading wilderness, the weather can be a huge factor that determines what trails are traversable and how your vehicle will perform. Rain naturally means mud, so check the weather forecast for rain and study the precipitation leading up to the big day to know whether you can expect challenging trails.

Overinflating The Tires

The tires are a key consideration for off-road drivers. Without the proper off-road tires, torque and horsepower won’t matter; it won’t be able to scale any rock, sand, or mud if the tires don’t offer proper traction. Not overinflating your tires is off-roading tire maintenance 101 and one of the most common mistakes to avoid. Underinflating off-roading tires provides better grip in challenging conditions. This is why an air compressor is an essential tire product for off-roading adventures.

Off-Roading Alone

Off-roading seems like it can be a solitary sport and activity as only a car and driver are needed, but off-roaders should always utilize the buddy system. Off-roading alone is dangerous, and having just one other person with you can be the difference between a serious emergency and a regular off-roading adventure. A co-pilot or companion can help you navigate tricky off-road obstacles by guiding you through the best route from outside the vehicle. Or, if you find yourself stranded, having another companion to help fix issues or find help is invaluable.

Pushing Your Limits

It’s easy for those new to off-roading to get overzealous and immediately push the limits of their own driving skills and their vehicle’s capabilities. After all, off-roading is about pushing boundaries and taking on challenges, but beginners should be cautious. Large obstacles and steep inclines are challenging and dangerous, and one false step on difficult terrain can mean disaster. Take things slowly at first and learn your car’s limits; only take on massive off-road obstacles when you know you and your vehicle can surmount them.

We hope our guide helps you have a safe and fun off-road adventure! Whether you’re new to off-roading or an experienced driver, always remember to check the weather, bring a buddy, and never exceed your skills and limits.

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