Staff Trail Camera Review: Uway NT50B

I was looking for an updated camera from my old Moultrie and came across the Uway NT50B. Very nice specs, compact unit, and the preliminary reviews looked promising so I jumped in. Because I bought it after deer season I put in on the stock pond near our farm for testing. The other reason I bought it is for security at the farm – as you can see in one of the photos of the trespasser. The “black flash” was appealing from a security cam standpoint. The white flash on the Moultrie never seemed to bother the deer but would sure spook a human! I purchased some high capacity rechargeable batteries for it as well. Here are my initial thoughts:

Love the unit itself – the packaging.
Daytime photos are outstanding.
Night photos are blurry (as has been reported).
Battery life hasn’t been as good as expected.
The data cable to the remote sucks. They should have just used a mini-usb.
The remote viewer is a great tool for the live view. Works ok for viewing day pics. Close to useless for viewing night pics.

I was at SHOT Show in Vegas shortly after purchasing the camera and experiencing problems with the remote viewer not working. I stopped by the Uway booth and talked to a guy who was very helpful and understanding. Said it was probably a bad cable so he pulled the cable off their display unit and gave it to me right then and there. Nice.

Need to do more testing before making a final evaluation. I haven’t tried the video yet but will try that out in the coming weeks.

By the way, the kid fishing in my stock tank is trespassing. If I remember correctly, these photos were taken on 3 MB so higher quality is available.

Update 1:  Sent the camera back to HCO and they sent me a new one. The original had a serial number in the 2XX range and this camera is in the 2XXX range. Hopefully it is improved. Will be setting it up tomorrow.

Primary reason for returning it was very blurry nighttime pics. I will say that the mfg has been great to work with so I hope the replacement camera is improved. Did not get to the farm last weekend so haven’t test the new one yet.

Trail Cameras Online would not grant me a refund because they have a 30 day return policy – despite the fact I contacted them multiple times over the past six months asking for help. My first request to them for help was within 30 days. Lost my future business.

My (first) NT50B also suffered from the occasional really weird color pic in daytime. Most daytime pics were very good but then I would get some with “special effects.” I work in a high-tech company so I’m optimistic that the Uway will get better. Based on serial number I had a very early production unit.

Update 2:  Camera dead inoperable.  The cable really sucks – can go in either way but not clear.
Conclusion: Waste of $350.
by Mike Coker
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Publisher of Tactical Gun Review and Texas Outdoors Network. Mike wisely spent his youth hunting and fishing in South Texas.





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  1. Matias Avatar

    I have the NightTrakker NT50B since September 2012. This was working ok but last month this isn’t reading the SD Card. When try to turn on the camera, said “No SD CARD” and beeping.
    I have tried format SD Card in windows (FAT16, FAT32,etc) and using another ones. No case.
    Also, I tried reset the system, i thought that it is removing sd card and batteries for a few minutes.

    I think that this’s common in many NT50B.


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