Successful weekend of hunting with Nosler 280AI and Zeiss Victory FL 4-16×50

They say faith in one’s equipment is everything..

Well, after a weekend of testing with a Nosler 280 AI and Zeiss FL 4-16×50 with AVS elevation turret, I would say I have it.

Sunday morning..

Deer weren’t moving where I was at on Sunday morning, and I had passed on several nice bucks Friday and Sat waiting for a shooter..
So I climbed up a big hill with a view of a field that’s about 3/4 of a mile square with scattered trees

I spotted a nice buck about 1/2 mile out headed for a tree line, no doubt, it was a shooter..

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Nosler Trophy Grade 280 Ackley Improved Review

The 280 Ackley Improved cartridge has been around for quite some time as a Wildcat. Basically it has the same parent case (30/06) as the 270 Win, 25-06 Rem and of course, the 280 Rem.  Ackely Improved means the shoulders are at a 40 degree angle making it hold a few grains more powder than the 280 and thus a little more velocity.   The Ackley Improved rounds are generally thought of by those that like it as being extremely efficient, those that do not dismiss it as unneeded and a pain to deal with for a few extra FPS.  Well, my take is they are both right. What the 280 AI does is get danged close to a 7mm mag in terms of velocity without the use of a belted case and with less powder, i.e., more efficient, similar trajectory with less recoil.  I like a flat shooting rifle having grown up hunting senderos in deep South Texas, the 25-06, 243, 22-250 all were common around our hunting camps.  As I started shooting more long range and really got the benefits of high BC bullets at extended ranges I started looking around at alternative hunting catridges.  7mm bullets have high BCs which translate into flatter shooting (in all honesty more noticable past 400-500 yards) with less wind drift.  The 140g Nosler Accubond is travelling at 3150 FPS out of a 24″ barrel and out to 500 yards is just as flat as a 25-06 with a 100g bullet and with less wind drift, past 500 (more than I personally would hunt) the higher BC 7mm bullets start to really shine, guys are pushing well beyond 1K with 160 grain bullets. Continue reading “Nosler Trophy Grade 280 Ackley Improved Review”