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  • Thermal Scopes Heat Up!

    Thermal Scopes Heat Up!

    Trijicon’s recent acquisition of IR Defense is an interesting development coming on the heels of FLIR purchasing Armasight last summer.  We have field experience with night vision / thermal products from all of these companies and they are all amazing.  To be able to spot a wild hog 200 yards away in total darkness is…

  • Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Weapon Sight

    Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Weapon Sight

    Armasight makes some of the best thermal rifle scopes available.  These are high-end units – professional grade.  The Armasight Zeus Pro is simply a superior solution for hog hunting. I have taken the Armasight Zeus Pro hog hunting at night but did not have the DVR available to record the video.  As you know, deer…