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Port Mansfield Report Trophy Trout

Starting off with thick fog each morning and calm winds each day, the bite started slow. By mid day the skies would start to clear off and SE wind picked up to 10-20mph turning water color to a sandy green and concentrating bait fish. It seemed like each day from 1pm until 5:45pm the big trout bite really fired off with fish from 6.5-8.25# landed. Because the water temperatures started in the mornings around 70 degrees and reached 74-75 in the afternoon, most of the Corky bites died off. Our best baits were DSL super models color x, strawberry wine and topwaters.
Sunday morning we were able to get in one wade before the front reached us. Hoping for a good pre front bite, we were able to get on some great fish. Good reds mixed in with big trout. We had several good blow ups, but not many connected. I was the lucky one who got to land a trophy of a fish at 9# and 30.25”, with a 7.25# just a few cast later before calling it quits.
All of our Port Mansfield fish are released to fight another day!

Capt. Nathan Beabout
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Trophy Trout Winter Discount

Just about everybody knows this year’s fishery on the Middle Texas Coast was probably the best we’ve seen in years. And,  most folks know it takes a cold winter like the one we are experiencing to get the Trophy trout to really start to feed in big numbers. I believe this winter is going to be epic up and down the coast.

Whether you would like to book in Seadrift or Port Mansfield with me, here are my open dates for the next few months. Our Winter Discount ends February 28th, and the Port Mansfield Trophy Trout Package ends March 31st.

January: 8-12, 15-17, 29-31

February: 5-7, 14-16, 26-28

March: open

Capt. Nathan Beabout



Capt Nathan Beabout
Trophy Trout with Capt. Nathan Beabout