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Trophy Trout Winter Discount

Just about everybody knows this year’s fishery on the Middle Texas Coast was probably the best we’ve seen in years. And,  most folks know it takes a cold winter like the one we are experiencing to get the Trophy trout to really start to feed in big numbers. I believe this winter is going to be epic up and down the coast.

Whether you would like to book in Seadrift or Port Mansfield with me, here are my open dates for the next few months. Our Winter Discount ends February 28th, and the Port Mansfield Trophy Trout Package ends March 31st.

January: 8-12, 15-17, 29-31

February: 5-7, 14-16, 26-28

March: open

Capt. Nathan Beabout



Capt Nathan Beabout
Trophy Trout with Capt. Nathan Beabout

Seadrift Fishing Report

Charles and I made a quick trip down to Seadrift this past weekend.  Goal was to chase trout, with redfish being a bonus.  We started out hitting some shell islands and landed some small speckled trout.  Frankly, we did not have much luck but that is the way it goes.  We mainly stuck fairly close to Seadrift that first day.

Second morning we decided to hit the backside of Matagorda.  Woke up at 5:00 AM and were in the water while still dark because it is a long boat ride from Seadrift to the island.  The weather was horrible – very windy – and we took a beating crossing the bay.  Once we were protected by the island it was fine.  And then, as the day went on, the wind died and it was dead calm flat.  Wonderful!

Texas Fishing
Wade fishing

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Sight Casting to Redfish Seadrift, Texas

There is a reason redfish tournaments across the Gulf Coast start in March.  It is because redfish come in out of the gulf and fill the shallows of our marsh and grass flats.  These fish will make these areas home for the most of the summer, cruising the grass and shorelines in search of there next meal.  

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Seadrift Fishing Report December 7, 2016

What was supposed to be a sight casting trip, turned into us chasing trout first thing in the morning, hoping by mid-day the sun would pop out. Lucky for us we landed on some solid trout right off the bat. Putting several fish in the box over 20″ and capping it off with some respectable 18-19″ fish. Continue reading Seadrift Fishing Report December 7, 2016

Seadrift Redfish fishing report

The trip started off a little chilly as we waited for the sun to climb. With the passing cold front, our tides have dropped to normal levels. This is a very welcome sight because now trout and reds will start to congregate back in there normal areas. Many of my favorite spots to wade were simply to deep until this front. On the sight casting trip it helped to funnel redfish out of the secluded ponds and puddles, and pushed them into creeks and larger lakes with relatively deeper shorelines. From what we saw today many redfish were traveling in small groups of 3-6, not many singles. Continue reading Seadrift Redfish fishing report

Chasing Redfish with Captain Nathan Beabout

If you want to really learn how to fish for speckled trout and redfish, get out of the boat and into the water.  We did just that with Captain Nathan Beabout out of Seadrift, Texas.

Most all Texas Gulf Coast fishing guides will put you onto fish.  Live shrimp (or croaker if available) over an oyster reef or grass bed is a time-proven method to put fish into the cooler.  And any time on the water landing fish is a great day.  But shrimp under a popping cork isn’t the most exciting or rewarding way to fish.  To really crank up the thrill level get out of boat and wade fish with top-waters.  Standing in waste-deep water and having a big spec or red blow up right in front of you is the way it is meant to be. Continue reading Chasing Redfish with Captain Nathan Beabout