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Trout-Green Water at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

August 13, 2018


THURSDAY – Aug 9th

Capt. Cody Spencer – Today was Day #2 with this group of three friends that made up the Rusty K. party. Yesterday presented us with rain and a slow bite, so we were hoping for a much better day today, and that’s exactly what we received. The guys had steady action all day long while catching speckled trout, jack crevalle, and even shark. It turned out being a very interesting trip with these guys from the Smithville area! Hope we’re able to do it again soon!


MONDAY – Aug 13th

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – Thanks to Mike C. who has trusted BFL multiple times each year over the past decade by bringing his 20+ customers each time for a more personal and relaxing way to talk business, and to catch fish at the same time. Old school ways of doing business are sometimes the best way! Take Brian here, for example, shown holding a 27.75″ redfish that he landed today. Add to this today’s near limit of hard to find speckled trout and you know why these guys return time and time again. We are approaching one of the most productive times of the month, and the year, so get on the books and make the short drive from almost anywhere in Texas. I have plenty of dates open for you and your guests, so call Angie or Randy at 1-888-677-4868 to get your fishing trip of a lifetime booked now!


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Seadrift fishing report

Strange bite today! All our wades produced a good number of hits, but many fish were lost immediately after the hookset, or halfway in. It didn’t seem to matter if they were dink trout or 18-20” keepers, each of us only had a couple good thumps.

Other than a little frustration from loosing a few solid fish, we stayed busy on each wade. Had a lot of fun trading fishing stories with this father/son team.

With the water around normal levels most of the trout have pulled up over the grass, with a few lingering over the scattered sand pockets.

Our fish were caught on a variety of baits, even a 1/4oz silver spoon. But the best bait colors today were pumpkinseed, victorious secret, and blue moon.

Capt. Nathan Beabout



High Temp Fishing at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

August 13, 2018


SATURDAY – Aug 4th

Capt. Kevin Matula – Had a great morning wading with lures with this group from the Ben M. party. They managed a decent box while wading waist to knee deep sand and grass. Their day ended with a dozen well-proportioned Speckled Trout and one nice slot Redfish. It was great to be able to get in on some awesome wade fishing with such a great group of anglers. Hope we can all do it again soon!


TUESDAY – Aug 7th

Capt. Billy Freudensprung – This morning was extremely slow, but my crew of four from the Chris M. party wouldn’t settle for a “goose-egg” finish on the day. They stuck out the hardships and proved to everyone that they had what it takes to turn a day of poor fishing into a time to remember. These folks put their heads together on our very last stop of the day and managed four handsome Redfish and nine Black Drum. It was an impressive recovery on the day!


Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – Everyone had a good time this morning out on the water. Today finished up two good days with this group from the Jared L. party. We had to work for the fish yesterday and today, but these guys were able to put fish in the box each day, plus they got to take plenty home for later. They were all-around happy customers! Continue reading High Temp Fishing at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Seadrift Fishing Report

Fun last couple of days. We tried many different areas from shell to shorelines. Each spot produced a good handful of fish, but by mid-day the bite fell off. This is to be expected this time of the year, with winds that die and the water temps rising. Beabout

Today when it went slick we found 4 small pods of reds to keep us busy. It is always fun chasing these golden fish down the bank.

Best bait over the last 2 days has been Victorious Secret super model, and also managed a few on Blue Moon.

Plenty of dates still available for August-October. We are taking bookings for wading artificial, sight casting reds, and Bull red trips at the POC Jetties(late September-November). Don’t wait any longer to book a trip of a lifetime!

Capt. Nathan Beabout

Capt. Nathan Beabout
Cell: (210) 452-9680
N&M Sportsman’s Adventures
AB Kennels

Southwest Wind Presents Challenges at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

July 30, 2018


THURSDAY – July 26th

Capt. Doug Russell – This morning we were presented with a lot less wind than usual, which allowed us to do a couple things we’re normally not able to do when the wind is blowing. All of this resulted in us being able to locate the trout bite early in the day while it was still cool. My crew of three ended their morning with a 3-man trout limit and a bonus big red. Maybe the redfish are back to stay – we’ve seen some nice ones over the past few days! We’ll keep our fingers crossed! Come on down and get in on some of the action!


Capt. Todd Jones – Today was a good day on the water with Gage and Jerry. A phone call from Capt. Billy, and a hungry school of redfish, saved the day for us! Our cell phone camera, however, didn’t do justice to this morning’s sunrise over the bay – I’ve never seen the sun so red! It was beautiful!


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Redfish Spot and Stalk

Fun day of sight casting! We had the perfect weather, light south winds 5-10mph and sunny skies. With these low tides fish are grouped up along shorelines and drains. Had a great photographer with us this morning who captured some cool pics of these reds. She was able to capture reds crushing grass shrimp and bait fish on the bank, and one really cool close up of a red coming up to inhale our lure. A handful of fish we saw were up to shallow for us, and just had to wait them out. We had a lot of refusals until mid morning, then the bite started coming together.

If wading isn’t for you, and you would like to experience the saltwater version of spot and stalk deer hunting give us a shout and let’s go chase redfish through the miles and miles of back country Matagorda Island has to offer.

All you need to bring is a good pair of polarized sunglasses and some food and drink.


Capt. Nathan Beabout




Duck Hunting in Seadrift, Texas


Along with the anticipation of this year’s daily limit for Pintail increasing to two per day, per hunter, there will be much more wing action available in the back lakes and along the bay front up and down Matagorda Island along the southern portions of Espiritu Santo Bay and San Antonio Bay.  There will be redheads (and lots of ’em!), widgeon, blue and green-wing teal, canvasback, bluebill, gadwall, and even the occasional cinnamon teal and mottled duck.For those passionate about the outdoors, summertime along the Texas Gulf Coast typically means school is out, vacation time is near, and some of the year’s best fishing has yet to come.  And regardless of how true that statement is, for us here at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina the beginning of summer also means it’s time to begin our preparations for the upcoming duck season.  That’s right, even with the hottest part of summer still months away, we’re already strategizing and planning for all that will be required of us in order to provide our guests with yet another satisfying and successful season next winter.

If that’s not enough to satisfy your waterfowl thirst, perhaps our latest addition to this year’s lineup of duck season tactics will entice you.  Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to secure duck hunting privileges on a new piece of inland property, which is located just moments from the lodge and currently holds three freshwater ponds.  We’re diligently working to complete seven more freshwater ponds prior to opening-day, and we look for this property to hold great potential for this year’s hunting guests.

Although not yet finalized, the TPWD “proposed” dates for our Texas south zone of the 2018-19 Duck Season are November 3-25, 2018, and then December 8, 2018 – January 27, 2019.  For a first-class duck hunting experience along the mid-portion of the Texas Gulf Coast, look no further than Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina.

Bay Flats Lodge


Upcoming Fishing in August at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

July 26, 2018

Fun Fishing
Fun Fishing


MONDAY – July 23rd

Capt. Steve Boldt – Today was a grinder of a day, but my crew of three from the Jeremy K. party put their nose to the grindstone and got the job done. The wind wasn’t that bad this morning, and one of the guys stuck a fantastic trout just before 8:00am. At that point, we thought for sure we were into the fish heavily, and that it wouldn’t take any time at all to reach our limits. However, the bite weakened following that, and we suddenly realized we had our work cut out for us for the rest of the morning. The guys finished their day on a favorable note as they managed thirteen nice trout, four good-size reds, and two thick flounder.


Capt. Todd Jones – Not thirty minutes before this picture, Miles asked how often we catch flounder, to which I replied, “Not all that often”. He really wanted to catch a flounder. By pure chance, this happened not long after his question. It was his second ever, and new personal-best flounder on rod and reel, which measured right at 21-inches! Not pictured, also, is the 17-inch flounder that he caught on the very next cast! Ask, and you shall receive!


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Seadrift Fishing Report

The last couple of days have been tough, running out into a 15-20mph west wind and tides that look like we should be in late January. Trout that have been holding on the edge of sand/grass have either fell out further into the bay or are just laying there.

Rather than working an area of scattered fish, we have run into no bites for 50-100 yards out of the boat, then hit 4-6 fish just as fast as you can. Followed by another 100 yards of nothing.

The bait fish are still in these areas by the thousands mainly because of the lack of water, and I feel the fish are too, but just not feeding like the past week. Except for the occasional blow up, bait has seemed to swim the shorelines undesturbed.

I believe when the wind backs off to a more managable level, the water should come back up a bit in turn the feeding pattern will improve.

Working through the tough times, staying out a little longer most of the times has helped us put together a decent box. Redfish are starting to school up and hopefully that means changes are on the way. You never know unless you go!

August open dates:

6-8, 20-22,24, 31

Sept. Open dates:

2-7, 9-14, 24-28

Capt. Nathan Beabout



Capt. Nathan Beabout

Cell: (210) 452-9680

N&M Sportsman’s Adventures


AB Kennels


Sand, Shell and Beach at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

July 23, 2018


THURSDAY – July 19th

Capt. Perry Rankin – Today was wading with artificial bait day with Jeff, Eric, David, and Taylor. They all worked hard throughout the day, and it was a grind. However, they ended their day with some nice fish and some great fun. Everyone had a good time catching!


FRIDAY – July 20th

Capt. Doug Russell – My party of three today from the Todd H. group was actually able to get a little bit of a break from the searing heat. The decided to wade fish with lures, as well as with live bait, and had a much cooler time of things over that simply fishing out of the boat. The three of them each managed their own trout limit, some of which were pretty decent fish. I think they all had a good time today, and I hope they get to come back to see us soon!


SATURDAY – July 21st

Capt. Steve Boldt – Great trout action this morning with these guys. Not only did they manage a three-man trout limit, they also experience a Texas slam with one of them catching trout, redfish, and flounder. It turned out being a pretty nice day for being so darned hot outside. This same crew of mine will be back at them strong again tomorrow, so we hope things turn out as good as they did today! Continue reading Sand, Shell and Beach at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Do Your Own Thing at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina


Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – We had a great day on the water with this group for the second day. The kids had a blast, and there was never a dull moment with this group! The kids caught a little bit of everything – speckled trout, black drum, and sheepshead! They had two full days of fun in the sun, and I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! I know I did!


SUNDAY – July 15th

Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – Today turned out being a slow day for us out on the water, but today’s group of four out of the Tony M. party managed to pull together a small box of fish. Conditions were quite warm, and winds were low most all day, but the bite never increased throughout the day.

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – It seems as thought the fish may have been on vacation here along the middle Texas coast the past few days, but my crew caught a few and it was our newbie that had the most luck, boating his first, second and I think third-ever speckled trout! What a way to break someone new into the sport of coastal fishing. We couldn’t have asked for anything nicer!


MONDAY – July 16th

Capt. Todd Jones – It’s always fun to see kids catching fish! The young guys took some really nice trout this morning, as well as redfish to 24-inches! They showed the older members of today’s crew how things are supposed to be done! It was a fine day all the way around!

TUESDAY – July 17th

Capt. Doug Russell – We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but today was a blast! My party of three from the Dale S. party really enjoyed themselves! They caught some of the best trout I’ve seen in the past few weeks. I hope Wednesday’s just as good!


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Conditional Love For Fishing at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina


THURSDAY – July 12th

Capt. Billy Freudensprung – Bryan M. and his two sons were here again today to try their luck at the trout. They caught some today, but it just wasn’t as fast or plentiful as yesterday’s trip. But everyone enjoyed their day out on the water, and that’s what counts the most! Hopefully, a lot of good memories were made while on their very first visit to Bay Flats Lodge. Hope y’all can come back again soon!


Capt. Cody Spencer – We’ve seen solid limits of trout this week, with the reds still playing hard to get! It won’t be long, however, before the higher tides begin rolling in, and the reds will start showing up again in mass numbers! Ready to enjoy the weekend off!


FRIDAY – July 13th

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – We had another good day here on the water as my crew of three caught a limit of solid speckled trout this morning. The fish are cooperating, as well as the weather, so get on down here and get in on the fun at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Capt. Cody Spencer – Return customers from the Austin area finishing the day with limits of trout and a bonus red! They won $750 in their company’s tournament this afternoon for having the biggest trout, and they headed back home with some cash and filets! Hope to see y’all again next time!


SATURDAY – July 14th

Capt. Garrett Wygrys – The Jason T. party of five experienced a great morning of catching hungry trout while wading some really nice water under this morning’s clear sky. Everyone recognized their trout limits, and they even had enough energy left to try their luck at the redfish, which have been somewhat hit-n-miss these past few weeks. They picked up one nice red, but the size of their trout today more than made up for the elusive reds. Everyone enjoyed the day!


SUNDAY – July 15th

Capt. Todd Jones – Sometimes one fish can make all those casts worth it! David with a bruiser 32″ redfish caught on a 1/4 ounce gold spoon while wading in knee-deep water. Doesn’t get much better than that!



It’s common for us all to get caught up in the moment once we’ve discovered a producing location, and to take the easy way out the very next day, or even the next weekend, by re-visiting the exact same spot. Remember to always take mental note of what is going on around you next time you locate a strong bite in any one given place. The fish are generally stacked in that vicinity for a reason, so it’s up to you to determine why.

Notice the wind direction and strength at the time, and mentally record what the tide happened to be doing at the time that you got into the fish. What was the water clarity? Were the majority of the strikes taking place at the edge of a water color-change – the area where muddy water was meeting clear green water? Did the bite come off of a hard sandy bottom, or were the fish congregated over mud, shell, grass, or a mixture of any of these? What was the bait situation like in that spot where you got into them yesterday? Did there seem to be never-ending herds of mullet segregated up and down the entire shoreline? And were the baitfish seemingly active, or were they simply there in an un-nervous type presence? Did you happen upon the fish in the cooler morning hours of the day, or did that even seem to be a factor on that particular day?

All of these, and others, are questions you must attempt to recall the answers to next time you decide to re-visit yesterday’s successful playground only to find that fish aren’t wanting to play anymore. So, next time this happens to you, stop and take a moment to look around you. Absent of any major weather, structural, or environmental changes over the course of your absence since your last visit, the chances are great that the fish haven’t moved too terribly far from where they were before.