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  • Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    I love it when a plan comes together! Friday night we went out with Gary from the Silencer Shop and his son Zachary. That boy was excited about getting on some pigs! We weren’t out 15 minutes and right at dark ran across three groups of pigs.

  • Hunting hogs with Thermal imaging

    Hunting hogs with Thermal imaging

    Is there anything more fun that hog hunting at night with suppressed ARs and Thermal imaging? Not that I can think of! For this hunt I ran a Wilson Combat 6.8 with 100g Hornady GMX Boar Buster ammo. Silencer is a CRUX Nemesis 30. Thermal scope is a FLIR PS64 and video recording is being…

  • Hog hunting !

    Hog hunting !

    We went out a few weeks ago on a hunt.. There is NOTHING more fun than pig hunting with suppressed ARs , Night Vision and Thermal Imaging! Tactical Gun Review, Silencer Shop, Griffin Armament and the  Pipe Hitters  union put the  hurt on some hogs.