Hog hunting with thermal scopes

I love it when a plan comes together! Friday night we went out with Gary from the Silencer Shop and his son Zachary.
That boy was excited about getting on some pigs!
We weren’t out 15 minutes and right at dark ran across three groups of pigs.

They shot one of them about 50 yards out and a few ran right at them.
Gary dropped one at his feet with his AR, his son was lighting em up with a bolt action 308 screaming “INCOMING!!”
Good times!

We smoked one of these small ones for 12 hour, good eating.Gary and son


Darkness came and it was time to fire up the Wilson Combat 6.8 with a Flir PS64 and a Crux nemesis30 can.  Gary got on one fast that we saw with the thermal spotters.   Boom, down it went.


gary and son 1


On the smoker

pig on smoker

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