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  • The perfect hog hunting rifle!

    The perfect hog hunting rifle!

    Hunting wild hogs has become a mainstream sport in Texas due to the proliferation and destructive nature of this invasive species. Being a non-game animal, there are very few restrictions on how they may be hunted. They may be pursued year-round by almost any means necessary. So, what makes a good hog hunting rifle? The…

  • Hunting hogs with Thermal

    Hunting hogs with Thermal

    Man,  there just isn’t much out there that is more fun that hunting hogs with Thermal scopes..  My son David and I went out for an evening and took some out with the new FLIR PTS 233.

  • Great weekend of hunting

    Been kind of a slow year with about 97 trillion acorns dropping and the deer just don’t need to move much to eat..  While I still haven’t nailed my “trophy” we still were able to put a doe in the cooler, bag a good cull buck which I donated the meat to Texas Hunters for…

  • Super Dave gets it done!

    Super Dave gets it done!

    My son David loves to hunt. We have had a great weekend with my brother, a buddy and his son.

  • Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    I love it when a plan comes together! Friday night we went out with Gary from the Silencer Shop and his son Zachary. That boy was excited about getting on some pigs! We weren’t out 15 minutes and right at dark ran across three groups of pigs.

  • David gets his buck!

    My middle child, David who is 9 has hunted hard with me this year and got his first deer, a doe earlier in the season. Been trying to get him on the right buck since then.

  • 6.8 SPC II Custom Build Rifle

    There have been countless wildcat cartridges over the years.  One recent trend has been the various efforts to modify the standard AR15 to shoot a heavier, more lethal bullet.  The crazy hype surrounding the 300 Blackout is but one example.  For my money, the 6.8 SPC is the best of the lot for general all-around…