Super Dave gets it done!

My son David loves to hunt.
We have had a great weekend with my brother, a buddy and his son.

I built this rifle in the summer and he got comfortable with it and shot a pig and another doe on opening weekend.

It is cool to see him developing into a good shooter and hunter.

I no longer coach or help, he has got it on his own.

Yesterday evening this doe was out about 125 yards and I am watching through the binos. I saw the impact in the neck and the deer dropped straight down. I was like “David, did you just pull off a neck shot?” He said “YEAH I DID!, TRACKING IS FOR THE WEAK!!!”

Kid cracks me up.

About 5 minutes later is was still alive and he sends one through the eyeball and blows out to top of the skull.

“Now it’s dead!”

Big grins all around.

Big thanks to Brandon Sneed
great build on this 6.8 from South Texas Arms out of San Antonio.

Awesome work from Cedar Park Cerakote


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