Author: Charles Coker

  • Bart’s Bay Armor Protective Wading Boots

    As an avid wade fisherman on the Texas coast I am always looking for gear that can up my game. Sometimes that means the shiniest new lures that don’t really work better than everything else in the box but we all know how that works! Sometimes it is about comfort out on the water or…

  • Big boar down

    Got a big one with the Burris BTS35 Thermal, Wilson Combat 6.8 and Hornady 120SST ammo..

  • KAHLES K318i 3-18X50 REVIEW

    KAHLES K318i 3-18X50 REVIEW

    For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Kalhes, they are the oldest optic manufacturer in existence. Based in Austria they have been in the game since 1898. They have never been a huge name in the US due to the lack of a consistent US distributor. That all changed a few years ago…

  • TPWD: 2021 Fish Kill Report

    I am sure all of us anglers who love to fish on the Texas coast have been following social media and watching the images of the fish kill.

  • Orbea Occam: Is it the best trail bike on the market?

    Orbea Occam: Is it the best trail bike on the market?

    Full disclsure.. I am a gnarly old dude, 55 years on planet earth and the last 25 years I have been a mountain biker. I love it, it gets me out in the woods (or the desert) and I get my adrenaline rush, physical fitness and mental health therapy all in the same day!. I…

  • Can you hunt big pigs with a 45?

    I have seen this come up often on forums and had people ask me.. well, let me tell you that with good shot placement and a good bullet it works VERY well. I have shot numerous pigs and deer within what I would call “bow range” of 30 yards.. All went down fast and hard.…

  • Fishing Seadrift in Gulf Coast Classic 180 boat.

    Fishing Seadrift in Gulf Coast Classic 180 boat.

    What a great way to spend the long weekend.. fishing in Seadrift on our new boat.. We recently picked up this very clean used boat from an old family friend, Ronnie Hubbell. Ronnie and our family go way back like 50 years. He started working for my dad when he was about 18 at Portland…

  • The end of an era

    The end of an era

    How cool, we are getting a new boat!! woo hoo! Been wanting to upgrade our old 16ft jon boat for a few years for the coast.. You know, something a little bigger, able to run shallower, farther, etc.. This was something we weren’t really planning until next year. And then, one trip to Rockport and…

  • Boat for sale

    1996 16ft welded SeaArk with 40hp Yamaha

  • David drops the hammer on a nice buck

    Went out for a nice 4 days of hunting over the Christmas break with my son David (14) in search of a good cull buck. He got the job done Friday evening. I had spotted a deer before and had pictures of him and discussed with the lease manger. Definitely a targeted hunt for a…

  • Good weekend of hunting

    Good weekend of hunting

    We had a great 3 days of hunting this past weekend.  Good times with my son and brother.  Sharing the great outdoors with family and close friends is what it is all about.  I am very thankful that we get to do this and I know my boys will remember these times as the grow…

  • Great opening weekend in Texas!

    Great opening weekend in Texas!

    Had a great 4 days of hunting on our lease south of Seguin.. We are an MLD property and so our rifle season starts Oct 1 for does and bucks start November 1.  We arrived Wednesday evening and were all really excited to get out and hunt! We all went out Thursday morning and saw…