Author: Charles Coker

  • Bull Red on light tackle in Port O’Connor!

    Bull Red on light tackle in Port O’Connor!

    My brother Mike and I spent Saturday fishing Seadrift, despite finding bait activity we just never found the fish..  We decided on Sunday to change gears and head to Port O’Connor. We woke up at 5AM in our favorite little hotel, the Real Time lodge.  I stepped outside and the wind was calm, checked Doppler…

  • Redfish in the rain!  Some hot Seadrift action!

    Redfish in the rain! Some hot Seadrift action!

    My son David and I went out last weekend with guide David Garcia in Seadrift..  what a GREAT trip, despite the rain!

  • Travelling through Victoria with boat.. be aware (DUI content)

    So, let me first state that I am absolutely pro law enforcement, one of my best friends and hunting buddy is a cop. Just wanted to share a recent event that should serve as a stark reminder to those who like to have a cold one on the boat.

  • Hunting hogs with Thermal

    Hunting hogs with Thermal

    Man,  there just isn’t much out there that is more fun that hunting hogs with Thermal scopes..  My son David and I went out for an evening and took some out with the new FLIR PTS 233.

  • riding the storm!

    Nothing like being on the bay at daybreak and having a cold front blow in…

  • Dallas Safari Club Convention 2018

    Another awesome show at the Dallas Safari Club!  Tons of cool gear, lots of guides and outfitters to setup hunts with and a massive amount of spectacular taxidermy ! Definitely worth checking out next year.  We shot a few product videos as well as a bunch of pictures..  enjoy!

  • Great weekend of hunting

    Been kind of a slow year with about 97 trillion acorns dropping and the deer just don’t need to move much to eat..  While I still haven’t nailed my “trophy” we still were able to put a doe in the cooler, bag a good cull buck which I donated the meat to Texas Hunters for…

  • 7mm08 lightweight hunter project rifle

    7mm08 lightweight hunter project rifle

    This started 2 years ago… sitting in a blind, with lots of time to think.  Being a certified gun nut I am always itching for the next one.. I just really love putting together cool guns.  I am very much a dedicated use, specialty kind of guy.  I like ones that are purpose built for…

  • Opening weekend!

    Opening weekend!

    Well, it was the weekend every deer hunter craves, opening weekend!  A timeless tradition passed down for generations. While we are on an MLD property and actually started rifle hunting the first of October, “trophy buck” season started Nov 1st for us.  We took Thursday and Friday off for a 4 day weekend.

  • 2018 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Media Event

    We had an amazing time at the 2018 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Media Event held at the incredible Honey Brake lodge in Louisiana!  What an awesome time, great location, people and of course, the legendary Polaris Ranger.  We spent 2 days demoing the 2018 Polaris Rangers in the field.

  • Stealth Cam 4k DS4K and G45NG Pro

    Went out to the lease to put up the two new Stealth Cameras I received from Stealth Cam (THANK YOU!).  Found 2 good spots I thought would be good.

  • Hurricane Relief Effort

    Our family is from the Texas gulf coast..  It’s just been devestating watching all of this on TV and the internet. We are organizing to help and could use your help to buy essential supplies. We still have friends and family in the area and are in contact with them to make a list of…