Stealth Cam 4k DS4K and G45NG Pro

Went out to the lease to put up the two new Stealth Cameras I received from Stealth Cam (THANK YOU!).  Found 2 good spots I thought would be good.

I received two of their cameras.

Stealth DS4k and G45NG Pro
Stealth DS4k and G45NG Pro

The new 4k DS4K

This camera features stunning 4k Ultra HD video!

I did a quick overnight test at my house before took it out the the hunting property.  Wow, the clarity and resolution is amazing!

Can’t wait to see what’s hitting this camera in a few weeks!

I put it out at a 1000lb protien feeder deep in the property away from traffic.

•4K Ultra HD Video
•30 MP Ultra Hi Res Performance
•Dual Image Sensors
•Range Control – Adjustable PIR
•Security Mode (re-write SD memory)
•Reflex™ Trigger  < .4seconds
•42 NO GLO IR Emitters
•Intuitive backlit menu programming
•Matrix ™ Advanced Blur Reduction
•Retina™ Low Light sensitivity
•16:9 Wide Image Ratio
•Quick Set pre-programmed option.
•Burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering
•5-59 sec / 1- 59 min recovery time out
•Time / Date / Moon Phase / Temperature / Name Stamp
•GEO-TAG GPS Tagging
•Manual shot capability
•Secure Lock password protection
•SD Card slot up to 32GB
•Test Mode
•Video & USB output
•Operates on 8 AA batteries
•External power jack for 12V battery box
•Active Time Setting
•Multi Lingual (English / French / German / Spanish)
•Preset Time & Date (CST)
And the G45NG Pro:

The G45NG Pro is 10% smaller than the original G series and features a dull matte finish camouflage pattern providing no unwanted reflections.  New for 2016 is an adjustable PIR range that can be customized to capture targets at specified distances day or night.  Now your G Pro series can trigger out to 100ft to match your cameras night time illumination capabilities.  Another useful new feature for 2016 is security mode (DVR mode), which incorporates re-write technology on your SD card.  If your SD card were to fill up, you have the choice to choose whether or not it will re-write over the oldest pictures or videos on the card, keeping the most current information.

I put this one in the same general area as the 4k but on a small water tank with lots of game sign and put out a protein block.   Excited to see the results!

TRIAD Equipped:

  • 14  Megapixel (4 resolution  settings) 14mp / 8mp / 6mp / 2mp
  • HD Video recording 5-180 seconds w/ audio
  • Time Lapse Function w/ PIR Override


  • 45 NO GLO IR Emitters / 100ft range
  • PIR Adjustable Range
  • Security Mode (re-write SD memory)
  • Reflex Trigger < .5 seconds
  • Intuitive backlit menu programming
  • Matrix Advanced Blur Reduction
  • Retina Low Light Sensitivity
  • 16:9 Wide Image Ratio
  • Quick Set pre-programmed options
  • Burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering
  • 5-59 sec / 1-59 min recovery time out
  • Time, Date, Moon Phase, Temperature and Name Stamp
  • GEO-TAG GPS Tagging
  • Manual shot capability
  • Secure Lock password protection
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB
  • Test Mode
  • Active Time Setting
  • Multi-lingual; English, French, German and Spanish
  • Preset Time & Date (CST)
  • Video & USB outputs
  • Integrated Lock and Latch design
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries (sold seperately)
  • External power jack for 12V battery box

I really appreciate how easy these cameras were to setup.  While you can go full custom with the settings there are also 3 “Quick set” options, 2 photo and 1 video.  I chose the video for both.  Historically, I have used photos but given the resolution of these cameras and that Stealth Cam was kind enough to send two 32GB memory sticks I decided to try the video option.


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