Opening weekend!

Well, it was the weekend every deer hunter craves, opening weekend!  A timeless tradition passed down for generations. While we are on an MLD property and actually started rifle hunting the first of October, “trophy buck” season started Nov 1st for us.  We took Thursday and Friday off for a 4 day weekend.

Well, things didn’t go exactly as planned, there was a wicked full moon causing the deer to feed at night and not move a lot during the day and it was hot!  Mid 90s in November! While we didn’t shoot anything there were a few nice bucks shot and we had a good time at the range with some new steel we put up, that little 1″ plate is a lot of fun!  The food and cold drinks were awesome as was the company.  Jason had his son Austin out, him and my son David met several years ago and clicked right away, we dubbed them “the yapalots”and they are every bit as full of it as their fathers.  Creating great memories is what it is all about.  They will remember these times when they are old dudes and will have long forgotten about what level they got to on some video game.

I also got to spend some time dialing in my new lightweight 7mm08 project gun and it is a tack driver!



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