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  • Great opening weekend in Texas!

    Great opening weekend in Texas!

    Had a great 4 days of hunting on our lease south of Seguin.. We are an MLD property and so our rifle season starts Oct 1 for does and bucks start November 1.  We arrived Wednesday evening and were all really excited to get out and hunt! We all went out Thursday morning and saw…

  • Great weekend of hunting

    Been kind of a slow year with about 97 trillion acorns dropping and the deer just don’t need to move much to eat..  While I still haven’t nailed my “trophy” we still were able to put a doe in the cooler, bag a good cull buck which I donated the meat to Texas Hunters for…

  • Opening weekend!

    Opening weekend!

    Well, it was the weekend every deer hunter craves, opening weekend!  A timeless tradition passed down for generations. While we are on an MLD property and actually started rifle hunting the first of October, “trophy buck” season started Nov 1st for us.  We took Thursday and Friday off for a 4 day weekend.

  • My son gets his first buck!

    11.26.2012 We had a great weekend of hunting!