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  • Can you hunt big pigs with a 45?

    I have seen this come up often on forums and had people ask me.. well, let me tell you that with good shot placement and a good bullet it works VERY well. I have shot numerous pigs and deer within what I would call “bow range” of 30 yards.. All went down fast and hard.…

  • Great opening weekend in Texas!

    Great opening weekend in Texas!

    Had a great 4 days of hunting on our lease south of Seguin.. We are an MLD property and so our rifle season starts Oct 1 for does and bucks start November 1.  We arrived Wednesday evening and were all really excited to get out and hunt! We all went out Thursday morning and saw…

  • Great weekend of hunting

    Been kind of a slow year with about 97 trillion acorns dropping and the deer just don’t need to move much to eat..  While I still haven’t nailed my “trophy” we still were able to put a doe in the cooler, bag a good cull buck which I donated the meat to Texas Hunters for…

  • Hurricane Relief Effort

    Our family is from the Texas gulf coast..  It’s just been devestating watching all of this on TV and the internet. We are organizing to help and could use your help to buy essential supplies. We still have friends and family in the area and are in contact with them to make a list of…

  • Getting after some hogs

    Getting after some hogs

    Had a great time out with my son David.. Smoked a nice one with a suppressed 6.8 SPC and Trijicon REAP-IR Thermal scope!

  • Fishing the Middle Coast

    Fishing the Middle Coast

    The last couple days with this Dallas group had been a bit tough despite the winds. However, we were able to find stretches of trout green shorelines. Coming off the full moon our best shot at some solid trout was right around sun up both days. Finding the rafts of mullet proved to be the…

  • Texas Outdoor

    Texas Outdoor


  • Got my 2015 buck back!

    Got my 2015 buck back!

    Got my buck back from last year, great work from Bobby Morrison in Seguin, TX ..  Can’t wait to get out and try to beat him this year!

  • Dave pulls a double!

    Dave pulls a double!

    My son David had a great hunt this past season. Had a pig come in at 200 yards and he drops him in his tracks with his 6.8 SPC and 5 minutes later a cull buck comes in. Boom. 120 Hornady SST works. Hunting with a suppressor is awesome.

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  • Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    I love it when a plan comes together! Friday night we went out with Gary from the Silencer Shop and his son Zachary. That boy was excited about getting on some pigs! We weren’t out 15 minutes and right at dark ran across three groups of pigs.

  • Hunting hogs with Thermal imaging

    Hunting hogs with Thermal imaging

    Is there anything more fun that hog hunting at night with suppressed ARs and Thermal imaging? Not that I can think of! For this hunt I ran a Wilson Combat 6.8 with 100g Hornady GMX Boar Buster ammo. Silencer is a CRUX Nemesis 30. Thermal scope is a FLIR PS64 and video recording is being…