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  • The perfect hog hunting rifle!

    The perfect hog hunting rifle!

    Hunting wild hogs has become a mainstream sport in Texas due to the proliferation and destructive nature of this invasive species. Being a non-game animal, there are very few restrictions on how they may be hunted. They may be pursued year-round by almost any means necessary. So, what makes a good hog hunting rifle? The…

  • Can you hunt big pigs with a 45?

    I have seen this come up often on forums and had people ask me.. well, let me tell you that with good shot placement and a good bullet it works VERY well. I have shot numerous pigs and deer within what I would call “bow range” of 30 yards.. All went down fast and hard.…

  • Hunting Hogs with Contender Blackout

  • Hunting hogs with Thermal

    Hunting hogs with Thermal

    Man,  there just isn’t much out there that is more fun that hunting hogs with Thermal scopes..  My son David and I went out for an evening and took some out with the new FLIR PTS 233.

  • Polaris and Honey Brake Lodge

    Polaris and Honey Brake Lodge

    Texas Outdoors Network is headed out to Honey Brake Lodge to test drive the new Polaris Ranger XP 1000!  Scheduled events include hard-core testing of the new Polaris line up, skeet shooting, teal hunting, and hog hunting with dogs! Polaris is the undisputed leader in All Terrain Vehicles.  We have a long-term 2017 Ranger XP…

  • FLIR Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular Review

    FLIR Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular Review

    The FLIR Scout TK is the most affordable thermal monocular in the Scout product line.  Thermal vision has become more affordable in recent years and every outdoorsman should carry one.  Thermal is one area where you get what you pay and the FLIR Scout TK, with an MSRP of $599, is a competitor to the…

  • Trijicon Electro Optics Thermal Riflescopes

    Trijicon Electro Optics Thermal Riflescopes

    Trijicon purchased IR Defense last year and is aggressively moving into Thermal night vision devices.  The first four products include the IR-Hunter and REAP-IR thermal riflescopes, the IR-Patrol thermal monocular, and the SNIPE-IR thermal clip-on.  One of their target markets is hog hunting. We know hog hunting!  It is one of our favorite activities.  We were…

  • Thermal Scopes Heat Up!

    Thermal Scopes Heat Up!

    Trijicon’s recent acquisition of IR Defense is an interesting development coming on the heels of FLIR purchasing Armasight last summer.  We have field experience with night vision / thermal products from all of these companies and they are all amazing.  To be able to spot a wild hog 200 yards away in total darkness is…

  • Hunting with the LMT LM8MWS 308

    Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) is recognized for producing high quality rifles in demand by law enforcement and military.  The British Army and New Zealand Army have selected LMT weapon systems.  The LM8MWS is built around a Monolithic Rail Platform and the Modular Weapon System that allows the operator to easily change barrels and…

  • Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Weapon Sight

    Armasight Zeus Pro Thermal Weapon Sight

    Armasight makes some of the best thermal rifle scopes available.  These are high-end units – professional grade.  The Armasight Zeus Pro is simply a superior solution for hog hunting. I have taken the Armasight Zeus Pro hog hunting at night but did not have the DVR available to record the video.  As you know, deer…

  • Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    Hog hunting with thermal scopes

    I love it when a plan comes together! Friday night we went out with Gary from the Silencer Shop and his son Zachary. That boy was excited about getting on some pigs! We weren’t out 15 minutes and right at dark ran across three groups of pigs.

  • Hunting hogs with Thermal imaging

    Hunting hogs with Thermal imaging

    Is there anything more fun that hog hunting at night with suppressed ARs and Thermal imaging? Not that I can think of! For this hunt I ran a Wilson Combat 6.8 with 100g Hornady GMX Boar Buster ammo. Silencer is a CRUX Nemesis 30. Thermal scope is a FLIR PS64 and video recording is being…