The 5 Best Spots for Off-Roading in Texas

The 5 Best Spots for Off-Roading in Texas

Everything’s bigger (and better) in Texas, including the off-road parks. If you’re looking for a great spot for your next off-road trip, you’re in the right place. Here are the five best spots for off-roading in Texas.

Trees Ranch Offroad Park

Difficulty: Extreme

Stretching over 5,500 acres, Trees Ranch Offroad Park has countless trails to explore. It’s located in Texas Hill Country, so you’re sure to get beautiful views. Covered in creek bed trails and extreme obstacles, this park has something for everyone—if you know what you’re doing.

This park is not beginner friendly. In fact, some damage to your Jeep is likely, so read the “Are You Prepared?” section on the website before you go.

Trees Ranch is owned by off-roading enthusiasts, so the trails are always well-maintained. If you’re looking for an extreme off-roading spot, this one is not to be missed.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Difficulty: Moderate

Hidden Falls Adventure Park is billed as the “premier off-road adventure park in Texas” for good reason. It ranks number one on many lists of this nature, likely due to its 200 miles of fantastic trails. Hidden Falls boasts trails for ATVs, motorbikes, and 4×4 trails alike.

Katemcy Rocks

Difficulty: Beginner to Difficult

If you’re looking for beautiful scenery, this is the place for you. The entire park is full of stunning granite rocks. At 800 acres, there’s plenty to explore. In addition to the great trails, Katemcy Rocks also offers accommodations, so it’s even easier to make a weekend out of it.

Creekside Offroad Ranch

Difficulty: Moderate

Located near Houston, Creekside Offroad Rand consists of 350 acres of the best off-roading in Texas. There is plenty of sand, water, and mud if you like getting your Jeep dirty, and the hills make this spot stand out. There are also campgrounds available so that you can spend your whole weekend off-roading.

Barnwell Mountain

Difficulty: Beginner to Moderate

Barnwell Mountain is located in Gilmer, Texas—close to Dallas. It’s made up of 1850 acres of trails for all different levels of experience. In addition, it offers campgrounds, cabins, and bunkhouses; you have plenty of options if you decide to stay overnight.

Barnwell Mountain is one of the most beginner-friendly options on this list. Because it includes more difficult trails, it’s also a great place to push yourself and test your skills as you improve. But before that, here are some helpful tips to master the basics of off-roading.

Whichever trail you pick, one thing’s for certain—this great state has some seriously incredible off-roading spots.

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