Tikka T3 Lite .270 WSM

Tikka T3:  I was looking for a new deer rifle and kind of approached it differently this time.  The first thing I did was to study the ballistic tables and the .270WSM really stood out.  This cartridge can push a 140gr bullet at 3,100 fps – flat shooting.  At 300 yards (with a 200 yard zero) it has about a 5.5″ drop, is moving at 2,600 fps, 2,100 energy delivery.

So now that I found the cartridge I started searching for the appropriate rifle.  I soon ran across the Tikka T3.  Tikka is made by Sako in Finland and I’ve always been fond of Sakos.

If you lust for a Sako but balk at the price – check out the Tikka T3.  You get the outstanding free-floating Sako barrel and quality, precision parts for less than half the price.

My rifle had a plain polymer stock that, quite frankly, was not all that attractive so I decided to give it a nice camo paint job.  I purchased three cans of Krylon at the local Ace hardware store and went to work.  First, a light sanding.  I then applied the green base coat.  Next, I cut leaf templates out of card stock and proceeded to layer on the darker colors.  The end result is a more attractive rifle and the paint texture is an improvement over the otherwise slick plastic stock.

Tikka T3

Magazine is detachable.  There are some complaints about the Tikka T3 using a plastic magazine but I have not experienced any failures.

Nice, crisp trigger which is easily adjustable.  I went down to 2 pounds then backed off just a bit.  For a rifle in this price range it is an outstanding trigger.

Stainless steel bolt with 75 degree lift is very smooth to operate.

Gun weighs in at just over six pounds.

Mounted a Leupold VXIII 3-9 scope to keep it traditional.  Growing up in Texas, the ultimate rig was a Sako with the gold ring scope.

I have taken both deer and hog with this setup and am generally very pleased.

Accuracy is as you would expect from a Sako.  The shot group pictured here is with factory ammo, sand bags (no Lead Sled), and just quickly cycling through five rounds without waiting for the barrel to cool.  Note that this is a 200 yard, not 100 yard, group.  The rifle is capable of tighter groups than this illustrates.  This was simply the first five shots after mounting and sighting in the scope.

Tikka T3

My favorite factory ammunition is the Nosler Trophy Grade 140gr Accubond.

As a staff writer at Tactical Gun Review, I am constantly testing new guns and swapping out optics.  This is my go-to rifle that stays put together and ready to roll.  The combination of Tikka, Leupold, and Nosler is accurate, deadly, and reliable.

by Mike Coker





Tikka T3

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Publisher of Tactical Gun Review and Texas Outdoors Network. Mike wisely spent his youth hunting and fishing in South Texas.





5 responses to “Tikka T3 Lite .270 WSM”

  1. Chris Walley Avatar
    Chris Walley

    Glad to see that someone else has “found” Tikkas T3 rifle. These guns are the best kept secret in the rifle industry. I’ve had my T3 Hunter in .300 wsm since 2004, and I have been completely satisfied with the rifle. I put a Leupold VX111 4.5-14×50 scope with the Boone & Crockett reticle on my Tikka T3, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  3. Mike Coker Avatar

    Update: Had a few scratches on the stock so have sprayed two coats of Brownells Aluma-Hyde II Clear Matte over the camo for a durable protective coating. Looks good so far. Hopefully it works as advertised.

  4. Mike Coker Avatar

    Thanks Cary. I was pleased with the results! The gun looks better and even feels better in hand. The paint really added some texture.

  5. Cary Kieffer Avatar
    Cary Kieffer

    Mike, Ya did a nice job on that stock. It looks great. I recently did one of my uzi’s in a USMC MARPAT digital. It came out ok but before I do another one I am practicing on an old garand stock. I tried some real leaves but didn’t get your kind of results. I’ll keep practicing. Yours looks sharp!

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