Tips and Tricks To Stay Comfortable on Hikes

Tips and Tricks To Stay Comfortable on Hikes

Getting outside is a wonderful way to decompress and enjoy the natural world. Of the many activities you can choose from, hiking is among the best because it’s thrilling and works for all experience levels. The essence of any hike is to enjoy it wholly without worrying about fatigue or discomfort. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you remain comfortable on hikes.

Pack Water and Snacks

During your hike, you’ll need to keep hydrated, so pack a large water bottle or two and an electrolyte-rich drink to keep your body hydrated. Additionally, you should pack some healthy snacks or even a sandwich for your outdoor adventure. Stick to snacks that supply complex carbs, natural fats, and protein. Trail mix is an excellent example of a perfect hiking snack. 

Remember to eat something and drink water before your hike to keep your body fueled with energy.

Invest in Quality Gear

Buying quality gear can enhance your hiking experience and keep you comfortable on the trail. Get a walking stick to support your movement, quality boots to keep your feet comfortable and protected, and a hiking backpack that can accommodate all your essentials,. 

Additionally, invest in an outdoor belt or suspenders to keep your pants securely around your waist; one of the key reasons to add suspenders to your wardrobeis that they’re comfy and perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Use a Map

As you pack your backpack, remember to include navigation tools. More specifically, you’ll need a compass and a path map. Relying on your phone’s GPS isn’t ideal because you may encounter areas with no signal.

Dress in Layers

During a hike, you’ll probably encounter various elevations, which can leave you feeling a bit colder as you climb higher. However, all the movement will also warm your body up, so there may be periods when you feel hot. By wearing layers, you can easily add or remove clothing according to what you find the most comfortable. 

Consider buying moisture-wicking apparel or clothing designed for athletic activities. Some garments regulate temperature better, so they’ll be able to trap more heat or keep you cooler as you hike. 

Move at Your Pace

Our final tip to help you remain comfortable on hikes is to walk at a pace that works for you. Not pushing yourself beyond your limits is essential. Hiking is about having fun, not making it a strenuous task that can lead to injury. Therefore, choose a path within your experience level and take breaks whenever you need to.

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