Tips for Improving the Security of Your RV

Tips for Improving the Security of Your RV

Part of the excitement of traveling in an RV is the fun of seeing the sights and meeting new people in your own little home away from home. However, while you’re out exploring, you’re bound to travel to plenty of new places and meet a slew of new people—sometimes, these adventures may cause concerns about security. It’s understandable that you want to do everything you can to protect your loved ones traveling with you and, of course, protect your RV. To help give you a little more peace of mind, let’s take a look at a few tips for improving the security of your RV.

Pull Down Your Blinds When You’re Away

Petty thieves are more likely to steal from your RV if they see any valuables worth stealing. Hardly any thief is going to break in just to see what you’ve got, as that’s too much of a risk for only a slight chance at a reward. This means that an easy way to deter thieves is to simply close all of your blinds while you’re away. Not only will they not be able to see what valuables are in your RV, but they can’t tell if anyone’s home. But even if your blinds are down, you should still take the time to put away valuable or sentimental items, just in case someone desperate enough does come in.

Use Your Lights Strategically

Ideally, your RV should be equipped with interior and exterior lights. One of the easiest ways to make the area around your RV safer is to make sure thieves don’t have shadows to hide in. By investing in exterior lights, you can flood the surrounding area with light, deterring thieves. If you’re worried about electricity, consider investing in motion sensor lights instead. You should also consider leaving your lights on while you’re away. Remember, the overall goal should be to make it difficult for a thief to tell if someone is in the RV.

Lock Your Steering Wheel

One of the cheapest and easiest tips for improving the security of your RV is to invest in a steering wheel lock. Even if someone does come in and tries to hijack your vehicle, a lock will prevent them from being able to steer it. For double security, you can also place a lock pedal that makes it impossible to drive. The only problem is you have to keep good track of your keys, or else you won’t be able to drive it yourself! An easy way to circumvent this is to add your pedal or steering lock keys on the same ring you keep your ignition key.

Store Your RV When Not in Use

Just because you’re done using your RV for the season doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about security. During the off-season, you should consider placing your RV in a storage unit and avoid the temptation of leaving it in your yard or driveway. You should consider choosing an RV storage building that offers fully enclosed storage and a level of security you’re comfortable with.

Making friends is one of the most exciting parts of RV travel. If you’re camping on a campground, one of the easiest ways to get peace of mind is to become friendly with your fellow campers. This way, you know that no matter where you head off to, you’ll have a friend to keep an eye out.

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