Tips To Make Porta Potties More Appealing

Tips To Make Porta Potties More Appealing

Porta-potties are not everyone’s favorite place in the world. There is no secret there. Because of their location, function, and frequent usage, people tend to give them the stink eye. It’s all perfectly understandable, but not permanent. Portable bathrooms don’t need to have a stigma associated with them. Here are some tips to make porta-potties more appealing.

Invite People In

It always feels better to entire a space that’s welcoming. No one wants to go inside an area that promises a bad time. Welcome mats don’t just belong in front of residential homes; you can place one in front of the portable restroom section.

Because it’s a bit unusual to see a welcome mat by porta-potties, it might quip people’s interest. Now you’ve opened the door for a nice surprise inside, and you’ve already made the experience a little bit more tolerable for them. Start thinking of ways you want to wow them with the interior now.

Provide a Structure

Placement is important for portable restrooms. You never want to put them in areas where they can potentially fall over and create more issues. Before doing anything, make sure the units are on a flat, dry surface.

Next, consider building some sort of fence around them. The fence provides more security for the porta-potties. However, if you are hosting an event that already provides a fence, save yourself the trouble and set up the unit there.

Keep It Clean

No one wants to enter a smelly portable restroom. That’s part of the reason why they get such a bad reputation. If you want to debunk this, the answer is simple: Keep the porta-potty clean. It’s as easy as that!

Control the odor of porta-potties by continuously maintaining and cleaning them. Stepping inside a clean portable restroom will surely shock people. They already have preconceived notions, and proving otherwise certainly makes portable restrooms more appealing.

Add Some Lights

Because they are not like standard restrooms, they have no light switches on the inside. Using the bathroom in a poorly lit area is not fun and can be uncomfortable. Make it easier for patrons by adding a couple of light fixtures in the area.

With proper lighting around and inside, people can see what’s lurking and hiding out. It also improves the safety of everyone using the units. They will identify spills or messes in the porta-potties and avoid them for their benefit.

Porta-potties might not be everyone’s best friend, but they don’t need to be their worst enemy either. Work on making them more appealing and reverse the status quo surrounding the contraptions.

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