What Every Camper Van Conversion Should Have

What Every Camper Van Conversion Should Have

We all have thought about leaving modern civilization behind to live in the wilderness for a time or two. But the fantasy will come crashing down to reality if you don’t take the proper steps before becoming an outdoor person. Knowing what every camper van conversion should have ensures you have what it takes to live lavishly in Mother Nature.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Camper van living isn’t all that fun if you don’t have the necessary safety equipment. A carbon monoxide detector is a must inside your camper van. With all the fumes that could come from the vehicle and other appliances in the cabin, something that’s not easily detectable, such as carbon monoxide, could be a huge threat.

A fire extinguisher is another item you should have around if a fire breaks out. In a perfect world, the fire extinguisher will be nothing more than a piece of decor. However, you’ll be happy you have it if a fire does occur.

Keep the Energy Flowing

A camper van is versatile enough that there are various energy sources you can rely on. While many prefer using electricity and natural gas for their home, it’s not the best option for a camper van. Solar power for your camper van ensures you get the power you need without fiddling with cords and finding a plug-in.

Solar panels use sunshine to generate power. Electric currents pass from the solar panels to the charge controller through the solar wires. The controller regulates the voltage it receives to avoid a power spike, assuming you have the correct solar battery for the van. It is also beneficial to have a backup battery to store surplus power for later use.

Design the Best Kitchen

An integral part of van life is making the most of your limited space. That can be a serious challenge when configuring and designing the kitchen inside the vehicle. Other than the essential appliances, such as a range, refrigerator, and freezer, it’s nice to have a table to eat a meal on. A foldable table with aluminum legs is light but sturdy, making it the perfect addition to your van. And since it’s foldable, you can stow it away in any free crevasse.

Adaptable Storage Capabilities

If you store your items like a champion, you will get well-acquainted with Velcro and cargo nets. Velcro straps help create space by holding random things neat and orderly. It can hold anything from the wheel on a bike to curtains in the cabin, and they work much better than other tying devices. Additionally, cargo nets help you keep everything together without wasting space. You can even opt for the best of both worlds and get a cargo Velcro net, which is extremely handy.

Before you begin your off-the-grid lifestyle, you should know what every camper van conversion should have to ensure you have the bare necessities for comfortable living. Without a viable energy source, a well-designed kitchen, or proper storage, you could be in for a rough van life.

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