What To Know When RV Camping in the Winter

What To Know When RV Camping in the Winter

Camping in the winter is a unique and enjoyable experience. Few things feel better than cozying up to a campfire with the cold air around you. However, many campers make a dangerous mistake by assuming that their RV is warm and secure enough to keep them safe through the cold nights. So, before you head out into the woods, here are a few things to know when RV camping in the winter.

Install Proper Insulation

When you shut everything down for the night, your camper can start to get cold quickly without running heat. We suggest insulating everything before you head out. You can take detailed steps such as sealing the windows to more decorative steps such as putting thick rugs on the floor or hanging thicker curtains to block some of the cold air.

Make Sure Your RV Can Run

When camping in the winter, you will want to ensure your RV can run. In the event that your battery dies or you run out of gas, things can turn ugly fast. We suggest always having some spare gasoline on board and a way to give your battery a jump. We recommend converting your RV to lithium batteries if your vehicle still uses an older battery model to help increase its lifespan and reduce the chances of losing charge in colder temperatures.

Bring Helpful Supplies

When RV camping in the winter, it is vital to know the importance of packing some season-specific items in addition to traditional clothes and camping supplies. Before you head out, make sure you pack tire chains, a snow shovel, and something to help create traction in the event of ice or snow. A hairdryer is a helpful tool to bring on your camping trip to produce heat and help thaw things quickly and efficiently.

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