AB Kennels/M2 Breeding; Port Lavaca, TX.

Hi folks, my name is Nathan Beabout. My wife Margaret and I own and operate AB Kennels/M2 Breeding.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago, 2007, that I became a fishing/hunting guide here on the Middle Texas Coast based out of Seadrift, Texas, and live just north of Port Lavaca. I quickly learned the ins and outs for a successful day on the water. I am still obsessed with the saltwater, and for the first few years you couldn’t hardly pull me off it.

Once duck season rolled around, I knew I needed a trusted dog. With help from an older guide who had been in the game for many years, I learned to train my first hunting partner. From then on and each dog I have hunted over, I have more fun watching them work then the actually shooting part. When my wife became pregnant with our first child, we decided our family would benefit from her being a stay at home mom.

And, that is where AB Kennels was born. Named after our little girl, we built a small 5 dog facility and started taking in client dogs for training. About a year into it, we fell in with two well known Labrador breeders. Buying puppies at 10 weeks old, and beginning their training around 15 weeks was the ticket for us. Turning these pups into Started Dogs and Finished Water Dogs for dove, duck and quail hunting. Selling pups who are 9 months to a year and a half old ready for the field is a lot of fun. Watching these dogs grow and learn new drills is very rewarding.

We didn’t realize that one day it would turn into a full scale operation, where we have added Labrador Retriever breeding kennels. At M2 breeding, we strive to breed superior genetics, healthy, and good temperament pups. We work to improve bloodlines and trainability.

Plans are in the works to add more training kennels to keep up with the demand of clients.

Whether you’re a seasoned gun dog owner, or looking for your first hunting buddy, give us a call and come out to visit our dogs and look at our facilities. We live on site, and treat all our dogs, whether from our litter or yours like family.

Follow along with us, as we will start writing a couple times a month of what our trainees are doing, but also give you some tips to turn your dog’s performance. Our programs include basic obedience, finished water dogs, shed antler training, and to a select few who advance into deer blood tracking. Thanks and hope to see you in the field.

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Captain Nathan Beabout has guided fishing trips and duck hunting trips on the Middle Texas ​Coast since 2007. He has fine tuned his fishing and hunting skills, and adapted to all skill levels of customers for a successful trip. Spending many days on the water every year, his knowledge and skills of fishing from San Antonio Bay to Cedar Bayou and Port Mansfield areas, has developed and can lead you to a memorable trip. Call Capt. Nathan at (210) 452-9680

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