Getting ready for hunting season!

We spent the weekend out at our hunting property working and getting ready for the upcoming deer hunting season.

Who’s getting ready?


Here are some pics from the weekend..

Mike doing whatever it takes to clear a shooting lane

David getting to work!

view of blind 2 as viewed from 150 yards from feeder, covered in CamoSystems Woodland netting

Blind 2 in CamoSytems  Woodland camo as viewed fro 75 yards

tower blind as viewed from 100 yards in CamoSystems Woodland Military netting

tower blind as viewed from 200 yards in CamoSystems Woodland Military netting

tower blind from 100 yards in CamoSystems Military Woodland Camo netting




Big buck!

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3 responses to “Getting ready for hunting season!”

  1. Cary Kieffer Avatar
    Cary Kieffer

    I got my first license this year. Gonna give this whole hunting thing a try. I’m starting with small game and will donate what I shoot to a local wildlife refuge, they have a bunch of wounded Owls and the food for them is expensive, so they take squirrels and rabbits people bring in for food for them. I will get a deer tag too when the time comes up here. No rifle allowed so for me it will be a Ruger 454. I’m most excited by the beer, buddies and bonfires part of this tradition though to be perfectly strait.

    1. Charles Coker Avatar
      Charles Coker

      sounds like a good time for a good cause Cary…

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