Lamco UTV Road Feeder

Lamco UTV Road Feeder Review

I have always been a big fan of All Seasons feeders but decided to purchase the Lamco Feeders UTV Road Feeder to run on the back of my Polaris Ranger.  I have seen Lamco Feeders in the field and knew they are a quality build.  The primary advantage of the Lamco is that it is purpose-built to mount on the back of a side-by-side.  The feeder fits into the receiver hitch of your Mule or Ranger as you would expect but the clever guys at Lamco designed a raised extension tube that extends behind the bed and below the tailgate.

Lamco UTV Road Feeder
Lamco UTV Road Feeder

This allows easy access to the feeder while retaining full use of your bed.  The tailgate drops completely.  The 50lb capacity is more than adequate for most hunts. Frankly, I would not want more weight bouncing around back there on the rough roads we drive on.

In Texas, it is legal to bait deer and hogs with corn.  The usual method is to run down a dirt road or sendero spreading corn as you drive.

The spinner plate on the Lamco is a different design than the All Seasons and in some respects I like it better (for my purposes).  The All Seasons spinner plate is excellent but we have discovered that the chains and moving spinner plate can get grimy and stop working in dusty and harsh conditions. The Lamco is a simple bowl design with less moving parts to go wrong. Speaking of the spinner plates, the All Seasons certainly throws more corn due to the small bars that really sling the corn out fast and hard.  The bowl design of the Lamco puts out less corn but more than sufficient for my needs.

Lamco UTV Road Feeder
Lamco UTV Road Feeder

This comes down to personal preference and hunting strategy.  For my purposes, the Lamco works great as I am just trying to get deer or hogs to hold up a minute when crossing roads.  The rate of feed put on the ground is directly related to the speed you drive so I slow down where I want a little extra coverage.  I don’t mind a slower distribution rate as it is only a 50lb feeder and a slower throw rate is preferable.  Here is a picture of corn on the ground.

Lamco UTV Road Feeder
Lamco UTV Road Feeder

The lid is secured with a heavy duty rubber latch. The beauty of the rubber latch is that it stretches tight and secures the metal lid down without the rattling you will experience with many competitors.  And there is nothing to come loose or misplace.

The feeder is operated with the standard 12 volt switch which is included with the feeder purchase.

Lamco UTV Road Feeder
Lamco UTV Road Feeder

Lamco Feeders are based in El Campo, Texas.  They offer a full line of feeders.   The 50lb UTV Road Feeder retails for $320.  I bought mine at D&D in Seguin.

This is a great alternative to buying a standard road feeder intended for a truck and then dealing with a separate extension tube.  The Lamco is purpose-made for your UTV.

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3 responses to “Lamco UTV Road Feeder Review”

  1. Robert Avatar

    I have had one of the 100# feeders on my ranger for about six months and really enjoy it. As advertised it allows you to still use your tail gate when most feeders dont. I can even still use my dump bed without hitting the feeder. The control wires were plenty long enough to run up to the cab, although some sort of dash mount would have been more ideal than the handle provided. The only complaint is for as low as it sits the spinner bowl is not well protected. I hunt in south texas with rocky terrain, cactus everywhere, and the occasional mesquite bush that you cant get around. Because there is nothing directly below the bowl it ends up taking a lot of damage from these things. Also if you end up going through a little mud that makes it up to the bottom of the bowl you will probably rip it off. The feeder also scrapes badly when going up a small incline or loading onto a trailer. I put a 3 inch lift on my ranger which seems to help with most issues except going through mud. I had to go through a small mud hole while heading to a blind on a guided hunt and the bowl got ripped off in the process. If Lamco could figure out how to better protect it then this feeder would be perfect.

  2. Mike Coker Avatar

    Thanks Larry. I am very pleased with the Road feeder.

  3. Larry Livanec Avatar
    Larry Livanec

    Lamco road feeders are the best, most durable and reliable road feeders you can buy. I have used them in south Texas, hill country and pan handle and Oklahamo. No matter what terrain or tempature, the road feeder has never failed me.

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