My best whitetail deer yet!

Shot on Diamond Half Ranch south of Seguin.  It was a cold rainy day after Thanksgiving and the lease was pretty much deserted.  I was hunting on my own and seeing lots of good deer movement.

I had previously scouted the area hard and knew there was a nice buck showing up on trail cam pics but only at night.  The rain was coming down pretty hard but the deer were moving and I decided to stay out all day as long as there was activity.  It was just after 9:30 when he stepped out into the sendero and it was that instant kick of adreline, “Take him now!”

I was hunting with a new Browning X-Mark .25-06 with a Premier Reticles Light Tactical mounted.  That scope and rifle are not an ideal “pretty” combination but both are outstanding in their own right (since moved the Premier to a Savage .308 Precision Carbine).  Swing the gun up, settle in on the heart, one quick breath, hold, squeeze.  The Barnes bullet found its mark, the buck jumped up, landed Dead Right There without a kick.  Nice 11 point, measured 148 inches.

Great day!


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