Polaris Ranger SuperATV LED Light Bar

Installation of SuperATV 6″ LED Combination Spot / Flood Light Bar on 2017 Polaris Ranger XP 1000.

This project kicked off because I wanted to add a cargo bed light to my Polaris Ranger.  My initial thought was of a modest solution that would provide just enough light to see what I was doing at night.  I’m frequently out at night on the ranch.  As I started looking at possible solutions, it quickly became apparent that what I really wanted was not a minimal bed light but a robust work light that could illuminate a camp.

It didn’t take long to settle on the SuperATV 6″ LED light bar.

  • Combination Flood / Spot.
  • Kit comes complete with rocker switch and wiring harness.
  • 12 CREE LED bulbs.
  • 2880 Lumens.
  • IP67 Water resistant
  • MSRP $135.

    SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
    SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar

I could have pieced together even cheaper options but SuperATV has a great reputation in the UTV community.

As with many projects, this took me longer to complete than anticipated.  That is mostly because I am a “measure twice, cut once” kind of guy.  I also wanted a clean installation.  From beginning to end I spent about 2.5 hours on the job but it could easily be done in half that time (or less).  For instance, I had to get the volt meter and confirm the busbar operation.

My first step was to mount the light bar.  Easy enough.  The kit did not include locking washers so I added those.  I did not want anything above the roof line so I made sure to position it in a sleek profile.

SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar

Next was to install the rocker switch.  I simply used a utility knife and gradually cut away the opening large enough for the rocker switch to snap into place.

SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar

I then removed the bottom two screws from the center panel and pulled it down,  then out to get at the wiring.  I ran the wire through the firewall and made the connections.  Bolted it back up.

SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar

My 2017 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Hunter Edition comes with a factory installed winch.  The side benefit is that means the under hood busbar is already wired hot.  Using a volt meter, I determined that the posts were Hot – Ground – Switched Hot (left to right).  I mounted the relay to the frame.  Black wire to Ground and Red wire to the Switched Hot.

SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar

My biggest concern was how to run the harness from the hood to the light bar.  Ideally I wanted to run it inside the frame but then determined I could make a fairly neat installation by running the wire under the windshield and inside the metal roof.  Zip tied everything up neat and tight and installed the windshield.

All in all, very pleased with the installation.  The light is fantastic and is exactly what I want.

SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6" LED Light Bar
SuperATV 6″ LED Light Bar

SuperATV 6″ Light Bar


Consider the Beach This Summer from Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina


SUNDAY – July 1st

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – Nice family generations trip at BFL in POC today. Grandsons, Dad and Papa all caught fish under tough conditions with low tides, high winds and poor moon phase during their time on the water. The bite has been off most of the AM, but was better in the PM. Soon it will change and turn around and work better in the mornings. Meanwhile, the fish are taking a much needed break from the fishing pressure and will again agree to feed for us in the coming weeks, just in time for the holiday crowds. Be safe and careful on the water this week, and if you come to POC, be aware of an increased effort to throw your butt in jail for minimal teetering – don’t drink and drive (or boat)!


MONDAY – July 2nd

Capt. Jason Wagenfehr – Really good last couple of days wading with a great crew visiting Bay Flats Lodge. Fish were caught on a mixture of bait and lures. Matt caught and released a 27.5″ trout yesterday on a plum bass assassin. Now looking forward to a few days off over the holiday!


Capt. Cooper Hartmann – We’ve caught some really nice fish the past couple days, both in the boat with live bait, and while wade fishing with artificial lures. Both methods produced great numbers of trout (a couple “Bigs”) and redfish, along with a few black drum to top off the box each day. We’ll be looking forward to getting back at the fish again following the holiday break in the action!


Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – Today was day #1 with the Linda B. party of two. Although the fish they caught today did not have much size to them, they had lots of fun and we all shared some good times together. We’ll keep our hopes up that tomorrow produces some larger trout. Back to you later with further details! Continue reading Consider the Beach This Summer from Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Early Efforts Payoff in July at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina



Since partnering with the Building Conservation Trust, Bay Flats Lodge customers have been contributing to help protect and build fish habitat along the central portion of the Texas coast. June ended up being our biggest month yet, and Bay Flats Lodge is excited to match our customer’s donations. With generous donations from L&S Mechanical and FSG Electric on June 30th, we surpassed the $5000.00 mark for the first time. There are many reasons to be part of an effort to protect and build fish habitat, but one of the most important is the generations that will follow us. Two of the pictures accompanying this post are of a grandfather and his three grandsons. These kids are the perfect example of why Bay Flats Lodge is so excited about our partnership with BCT. Bay Flats Lodge wants to do all we can to make sure future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing fishery that is the middle Texas coast.



Summertime is in full swing along the Texas Gulf coast, and fishing has been outstanding here in the coastal bend region. Consecutive days of repetitive catches of speckled trout and redfish indicate that we’re going to be in for some really big fun as long as we don’t happen to encounter any unforeseen weather event out of the tropics. Continue reading Early Efforts Payoff in July at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Capt. Nathan Beabout Sight Casting to Redfish

Two days of sight casting with this crew was a lot of fun.

Day one was slow and a lot of undersized reds. Had several good reds refuse to touch anything we threw at them.

Day two we changed our location, and with some much better winds, was able to spend the morning casting to reds crawling down the bank. Nothing better than watching these fish crush a lure you made a perfect pitch on! DSL color x and some power baits, rigged on a 1/4oz jig got the job done.

Folks, if you’ve never had the opportunity to stalk redfish, your missing out!

Capt. Nathan Beabout

Capt. Nathan Beabout
Cell: (210) 452-9680
N&M Sportsman’s Adventures
AB Kennels

Slowing Things Down a Little Bit at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina


MONDAY – June 25th

Capt. Heath Borchert – Today was day #1 with the Jerral W. party of three. They opted for wading with croaker today for trout, and they did a fantastic job on the fish. They had their limits, but released a few at 15-1/4″. This trio got it today! We’ll be back at them again tomorrow morning, and will keep our fingers crossed that things turn out just as good as today!


TUESDAY – June 26th

Capt. Heath Borchert – Day #2 proved to be the same as Monday, with very similar conditions. We had to wait a bit for the bite to turn on, but when it did, everyone had to “hold on”. This group showed us how’s it’s done for the second day in a row now while wading with croaker. The youngest member of today’s party even got spooled (by what, we are still not sure), and when the fish hit his line, he couldn’t get it turned! That fish (whatever it was) pulled all the line out in less than a minute. Thank you, folks, for two great days on the water! Continue reading Slowing Things Down a Little Bit at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Gone Fishin’ from Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina


A big “THANK YOU” to the Austin Chapter of the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) for showing you care about our bay systems and the marine habitat – your donation is appreciated by many! The Building Conservation Trust (BCT) and the Texas Coastal Conservation association (CCA-Texas) have a strong partnership that has resulted in several successful marine habitat projects throughout the years. Their relationship is now expanding through a partnership with Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina. Together, these three groups, along with our BFL guests, are enhancing marine life from Matagorda Bay to Rockport that will be appreciated and enjoyed by the local community for many generations to come.

Congratulations to Captain Jason Wagenfehr for the 1st-place win at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina in the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and the Austin Chapter AGC first annual fishing tournament. Trout to 27″ for Captain Harold Dworaczyk for 3rd-place, and trout to 24″ for Captain Cooper Hartmann’s team. Conditions really went south overnight, making catching much harder for the 18 fishing teams.



THURSDAY – June 21st

Capt. Billy Freudensprung– Today, we were able to stay away from the storms, and on the fish. My guys managed their trout limit regardless of the pressing bad weather, and everone ended up having a good time!


Continue reading Gone Fishin’ from Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Hot Choices at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina


SUNDAY – June 17th

Capt. Billy Freudensprung – We haven’t been able to get out on the water much at all this week due to all the rain we’ve had, so Father’s Day was the last time I wet a line! I had a nice morning trip with the guys from the Wayne V. party that were visiting the lodge all weekend. Sunday morning turned out being a bit of a grind, but my guys stuck it out to the end and were able to scratch out their trout limits.


TUESDAY – June 19th

Capt. Todd Jones – Like Christmas morning! Came home to this “goody package” from the fine folks over at ForEverlast! I’ve learned real fast that when you’re on the water close to 200 days per year, quality equipment is important. These guys have it dialed in. If you need any quality wading gear, and lots more, give Billy and his crew a call. Thanks to the guys at Foreverlast for making my job a little easier! (361) 798-1530 http://www.foreverlastonline.com Continue reading Hot Choices at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

What To Expect at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

June 18, 2018


THURSDAY – June 14th

Capt. Jeremy McClelland– Caught some solid trout today with the Donnie J. party. Things were hot out on the water today, but everyone cooled off a bit once the bite turned on. We’ve caught some nice fish lately, and we look forward for things to only improve as we head into the rest of the summer.


FRIDAY – June 15th

Capt. Billy Freudensprung – I had a great wade session today the guys of the Blake H. party. The guys offered live croaker to the fish this morning, and the fish seemed to be very fond of the croaker. They ended their day with their limit of trout and one very handsome redfish. It sure was nice getting in the water today!


SUNDAY – June 17th Continue reading What To Expect at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Capt. Nathan Beabout Seadrift Fishing Report

Happy Father’s Day, and I had three bachelors fishing with me today! Lol Fun group of repeat customers who got the job done. Tried a few areas I haven’t been to in a while with only small trout to show for it. So we headed to the waters I’ve been fishing all week knowing the boat traffic wasn’t going to be an issue. As soon as we started the wade we were hooking up.

Continue reading Capt. Nathan Beabout Seadrift Fishing Report

Leupold LTO Tracker HD Thermal Viewer

The new Leupold LTO Tracker HD is their second generation thermal viewer.  Designed to detect heat signatures up to 750 yards away it should be an essential part of everyone’s kit.  From tracking downed game to finding your way back to camp a small handheld thermal is a worthwhile investment.  Handheld thermals around this price point are a hot market.

First impressions are of a high-quality aluminum flashlight, complete with crenelated bezel.  It feels substantial and solid in hand.

Leupold LTO HD
Leupold LTO HD
Leupold LTO HD
Leupold LTO HD

Unlike many thermals, there is no rubber eyepiece like on the FLIR Scout line.  Instead, you simply hold the LTO Tracker HD out 8-10 inches within your line of sight.  I find this to be a more natural viewing experience and  less tiring than pressing against an eyepiece.   The one downside is that it therefore produces more of a visible light signature – which generally isn’t any big deal but would be a consideration in a security or home defense environment.

Leupold LTO HD
Leupold LTO HD

Continue reading Leupold LTO Tracker HD Thermal Viewer