Grizzly Cooler 60 Review

Grizzly Coolers are handmade in the US and are at the top of the food chain for heavy-duty coolers, fitting name.

For those of us that live in the outdoors and really use our equipment we know that there is truth to the axiom “you get what you pay for” .  If you spend days at a time away from civilization, be it hunting, fishing, camping, motorcycle riding, mountain biking, etc.. you have probably been through a few coolers in your life.  The cheap ones break, they need to constantly have fresh ice added to them, both of which are a major pain if you are in the middle of nowhere or just don’t dealing with hassles and are one of those “do it right and be done with it types” here is a cooler for you…

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6.8 SPC II Custom Build Rifle

There have been countless wildcat cartridges over the years.  One recent trend has been the various efforts to modify the standard AR15 to shoot a heavier, more lethal bullet.  The crazy hype surrounding the 300 Blackout is but one example.  For my money, the 6.8 SPC is the best of the lot for general all-around use. Continue reading 6.8 SPC II Custom Build Rifle

Guns and Rotors

Watch for Wild Hogs

Wild hog hunting is all the rage.

Outfitters are specializing in taking clients on hunts with night vision equipped rifles. There are hog eradication businesses with horses and packs of dogs. Heck, there are even reality television shows about hunting hogs.

For quantity of hogs taken, the pinnacle is aerial shooting.

Kyle Lange, of Lange Helicopters, has been shooting out of a helicopter since 1984. He started as a child helping with the family business. Continue reading Guns and Rotors

Staff Trail Camera Review: Uway NT50B

I was looking for an updated camera from my old Moultrie and came across the Uway NT50B. Very nice specs, compact unit, and the preliminary reviews looked promising so I jumped in. Because I bought it after deer season I put in on the stock pond near our farm for testing. The other reason I bought it is for security at the farm – as you can see in one of the photos of the trespasser. The “black flash” was appealing from a security cam standpoint. Continue reading Staff Trail Camera Review: Uway NT50B

Keep the traditions alive, the youth is our future.

Like many of you, I have great memories of the times I spent as a child in the great outdoors with my family.  Hunting, fishing, camping, going to the range, riding dirt bikes, water skiing, etc..  All of these activities were loved by our father and he worked hard to make sure we got to experience the same things he loved growing up.  As society gets more and more away from the outdoors and kids are more restricted due to the fears we have as parents of the dangers from the predators that abound our children spend more time indoors and far less time outdoors being kids.

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Lowlight Hunting Scope Shootout: Trijicon Accupoint TR22 2.5-10×56 vs Meopta MeoStar 3-12×56 RD

By Staff Writer: Charles Coker

Being an avid hunter that wants to make sure he has the ability to shoot accurately into extremely low light I am always on the prowl for good optics to get the job done. Today I compare two very well rated scopes for low light hunting.

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