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Capt. Nathan Beabout Port Mansfield Fishing Report

I always enjoy coming to Port Mansfield, but this week was a grinder. The first part of the week we were met with 20-30mph SE winds. It made finding decent water to fish a little tough. We buckled down and were blessed with a good redfish bite. Yesterday afternoon the water started to green up and we got on some more reds, with a couple solid trout mixed in.Port Mansfield

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Wow! Port Mansfield Trophy Trout with Capt. Nathan Beabout

After another big cold snap, which I saw no dead fish down there anywhere I traveled. The bite didn’t get going until mid morning each day. We watched as the water temp would climb into the high 50’s to lower 60’s. Most of our fish were caught in crotch deep water, with the exception of a few reds caught in knee deep water. The water color was great, just enough to make out the outline of the sand pockets.Port Mansfield

We would scatter out and bomb each sand pocket we came to three or four times before moving on. What we found was the back side of the pocket held the most fish, if you threw into the grass, drug your bait to the edge and let it fall, thump, you had a fish on.  We had several fish this week between 3-5 pounds, a few that made the 6 pound mark, 1 over 8 pounds. I appreciate my clients for being a part of Empty Stringers. All the trout and reds swam off to fight another day.

Port Mansfield
Our fish were caught on a variety of baits from DSL super models, Corkys, topwaters, and the S. Carolina boys favorites DOA.

Port Mansfield Trophy Trout Trips offered through March 31st, don’t miss out on your chance at a personal best!Port Mansfield

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Capt. Nathan Beabout Port Mansfield Trophy Trout

Things started coming to life around 10:30am in Port Mansfield today. Redfish were hitting hard, but the few trout we caught were very light, almost the hung up in grass feeling. Good news is we have much warmer temps now and for the next few days. The trout bite should get more aggressive.

Still have a few February and March openings for Seadrift and Port Mansfield!

Capt. Nathan Beabout


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