Tecovas The Earl

Tecovas Boot Review “The Earl”

As with any good Texan, I own and wear boots.  Through the years I have developed a fondness for Lucchese dress boots, Ariat work boots, and Wolverine hunting boots.  I was in the market for a new pair of brown ropers and started looking at the Lucchese boots and balked at the $400 – $600 price tag.  That is when Tecovas caught my attention.  Tecovas promises, “Handmade, high-quality boots that don’t break the bank.”

What is a roper?  A roper has a lower heel and, generally, a shorter shaft than the traditional cowboy boot.   They are often described as being a bit more comfortable to wear and look great with jeans.Tecovas The Earl

Browsing through the Tecovas website, I quickly landed on The Earl.  The Earl is a calfskin roper available in four colors – bourbon, chocolate, desert, and midnight.  I really liked the bourbon, a dark brown.  Price?  $225, roughly half the price of the Luccheses.  Sold!Tecovas The Earl

Tecovas operates on the direct to consumer model.  This means I would be buying the boots on faith, without trying them on first.  No fear, Tecovas offers an excellent refund or exchange program.  They even include a special card and return postage in the box.  My other boots are size 11 D, so that is what I ordered.

There was more good news.  Tecovas are based in Austin so I would be supporting a Texas company.   And they are made in Leon, Mexico.  Now for those not familiar with Leon, it is a city in the state of Guanajuato which is my favorite part of Mexico.  I have been to Leon several times and I know it has a strong reputation for manufacturing excellent leather goods.  These are skilled craftsmen with generations of tradition.

Tecovas The Earl

I anxiously awaited delivery.  When the shipment arrived, I was impressed with the attention to detail in all areas.  You can tell the company takes pride in their products.

Tecovas keeps the price at a reasonable price point through several good business decisions.  First is the direct-to-consumer model which is gaining popularity.  Internet shopping and fast home delivery make this possible.  Second, they have streamlined the product line.  You won’t find square-toe boots or a crazy variety of models.  They focus on making a straight-forward high-quality traditional cowboy boot.  A simpler model lineup results in lower production costs.

Tecovas The Earl

Everyone comments on how “soft” the Tecovas are.  And they are.  However, I also have boots that are not quite so “soft” and yet are very comfortable.  The fine leather surely makes a great first impression but how do they fit and wear?

Unfortunately, I do have a minor complaint about the Tecovas.  There is a bar (for lack of a better description) that runs across the front part of the heel.  This is noticeable to me and detracts from an otherwise comfortable cowboy boot.  You can see this in the photo below.  I did get used to it but I still notice it.  Not a deal killer by any means but if they could improve this I would give the Tecovas an A+ rating.  Tecovas The Earl

As I wore the boots around the house on carpet, it became apparent that they were too snug, or tight, for me.  I had ordered 11D because that is what I wear in Lucchese boots and Johnston & Murphy dress shoes.  However, that was not going to work.  This is where Tecovas customer service really shines.  The exchange process was super simple, fast, and free.  I returned the old pair, along with a card explaining the problem, and quickly received a replacement pair in 11.5 D.  The new pair fit perfectly!

Tecovas The Earl

I have worn The Earl for several months now in a variety of circumstances.  Around town, out on the ranch, and to the dance hall.  I very much like the Bourbon Calf color and overall high-quality appearance.  Great looking boot!

Tecovas The Earl.  $225.

Tecovas The Earl

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7 responses to “Tecovas Boot Review “The Earl””

  1. Lou Avatar

    I’ve worn all kinds of boots in my life. Some cheap and hard to break in and some much more expensive. I think Lucchese Boots are just about the best I’ve ever worn. I had a couple pair of Dan Post made in Spain that I never really liked. Never had Tecovas but might give them a try. I do want to get a pair of Nick’s work boots. Not a big fan of Red Wing boots. I think good quality Hy test work boots are very good. As far as comfort, I can’t complain about the sheepskin lined UGG boots and shoes. I use the UGG’s as slippers much of the time. I’ve had good luck with Eddie Bauer shoes. I really like Belleville Military boots. They are good boots. I also like the sub zero Mickey Mouse army boots for extreme cold. Years ago I used to wear a lot of Acme, Dingo and Frye boots. I was younger and thought they were the bomb. I wouldn’t wear them now as comfort is my goal now.

  2. Mike Avatar

    I have been wearing this pair for more than a year now and am very satisfied with the comfort and fit. Very soft leather, a comfort to wear all day. I have some “fancier” boots in caiman and ostrich so I purposefully chose these understated ropers for everyday casual wear.
    True story. I was at the dentist and when my dentist walked in he immediately asked, “Are those Tecovas?” Turns out he is a big fan and has several pair.

    1. Liz Coker Avatar
      Liz Coker

      So where can we go to buy a pr of Tecovas??? not order, but try on in the store.. Seems very reasonable priced..

      1. Fernando Prado Avatar
        Fernando Prado

        If you check their website they have retail stores listed there. I believe mostly in Texas, but I bought mine in Waco, TX. Mine didn’t fit right and was able to return them at their Nashville, TN store. Great customer service and an ever better fitting boot!

  3. David Meyers Avatar
    David Meyers

    Just bought my 3rd pair of Tecovas this past weekend, I have The Cartwright in bourbon, the Nolan in chocolate (no longer available) and The Shane suede roper in granite. Love all my boots, perfect fit (12D) and very comfortable. Great value, quality and style. I bought my last pair at the just opened retail store in Scottsdale which was very nice. They do free boot shines and offered me a beer while trying on the boots, cannot beat that.

  4. Greg Avatar

    Nice boots! I have been to Boot Barn but can’t decide on my first pair of cowboy boots. The inexpensive ones are uncomfortable and stiff while the nice ones are so expensive. Might have to give Tecovas a try.

    1. William Thompson Avatar
      William Thompson

      Greg, I bought pair of Earl’s by Tecova. Due to my sizing error, I had to send them back. Luckily, I only wore them on the carpet, but they actually sent the 2nd pair just after Fed Ex picked them up for return.

      The 2nd pair fit fine and are a very comfortable boot to wear, not to mention that they look good. I was going to get a pair of dress shoes, so I bought a 2nd pair, which are being delivered. These are Jacksons, which is taller and has a slightly more elevated heel than the Roper Earls. The Jackson’s also have a square toe. I did order a full size up on my final pair of Earls, that compared to my New Balance sneakers that work in. I deliver pizzas. I may try my boots for that too.

      I have owned about half a dozen pairs of boots previously and the Tecovas are the best I’ve ever owned, certainly the most bang for the buck that I’ve experienced.

      I don’t think I’ve ever experienced better customer service and company follow up than I have with Tecovas. This encompasses all my commercial buying experience. They are definitely not “fast buck” artists! I really like what I know about their business model.

      I came close to pulling the trigger on a more expensive pair that I knew I couldn’t afford just because I loved the look of it! (Tecovas Cole model-soon to be discontinued)
      The writer is an outdoor enthusiast and former retail shoe salesman.

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