What a Golf Cart Needs Before You Can Take It Hunting

What a Golf Cart Needs Before You Can Take It Hunting

Golf carts are rapidly becoming the favored vehicle for hunters across Texas and the country. But a golf cart isn’t immediately ready to roam the Texas hunting grounds without a few changes. Below, we’ll explain what a golf cart needs before you can take it hunting to ensure a safe and fun hunting expedition.

Off-Road Tires

Anyone who’s ever taken a golf cart out onto the course knows that the machines are for driving on cart paths and smooth fairways—not difficult off-road terrain. Most golf carts can hardly handle the rough on a golf course. Naturally, if you want to take a golf cart into the treacherous terrain of the great Texas outdoors, it’ll need something besides those small, slick tires it comes with. Any hunting cart must have off-road tires to ensure it can handle dirt, sand, mud, rocks, and whatever else the Texan wilderness throws at it.

Reliable Battery

If you’re taking a golf cart out hunting, you’ll want to ensure that it has a reliable and capable battery. If you’re taking a used golf cart with a pretty old battery, you should consider replacing the battery with something newer and more reliable. A lithium battery, for example, is a massive upgrade over a lead-acid unit as it lasts longer, is lighter, and charges faster. A lithium battery will also make your hunting golf cart faster, which is a win-win for hunters!

Lift Kit

Another common feature of golf carts is they run very low to the ground since they rarely go off the cart path. So, before you can take it hunting, a golf cart needs a lift kit to give it greater ground clearance. This increased ground clearance will make it much easier for golf carts to traverse difficult terrain without getting stuck or damaging the undercarriage. A lift kit makes your golf cart ready for practically any terrain you come across in your hunt.

Hunting Accessories

Finally, hunters must equip their golf carts with hunting accessories for a safe and convenient hunting trip. The most important accessory to a hunting golf cart is some weapon storage, whether for a hunting rifle or a bow, to keep it secured and locked when driving or not in use. Hunters should consider accessories like a GPS so they don’t get lost in the wild, a cargo box for hauling big game, and lights for visibility when hunting at dawn or dusk.

With these accessories and modifications, a golf cart can be the ideal companion for your next hunting trip. And once you start using a hunting cart, you’ll wonder how you ever hunted so long without one!

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