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Get Hooked on Kayak Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

Kayak fishing has grown in popularity significantly over the past decade, and it has even been called the sport of the future because of its accessibility to anglers of all ages and physical abilities. That said, there are some important things you should know before you jump in your kayak and start fishing without any experience at all! Whether you’re just starting out with kayak fishing or have been on the water for years already, these tips will help you get hooked (pun intended!) on this great sport!

If you want to go fishing, but don’t own a boat…
If you want to go fishing, but don’t own a boat, kayaks are the perfect solution. You’ll be able to explore the water and find new fishing spots that are only accessible by water. With a kayak, you can also travel long distances without tiring out your feet or back. It’s an amazing way to get out on the water for a day of fishing fun!

If you do own a boat, but still want the kayak fishing experience…
If you already own a boat and want to get the kayak fishing experience, there are two ways that it can be done. The first is by having a kayak on your boat. For example, some people will mount their kayaks on top of their boats or have them strapped onto the side with special racks. The other way is to attach a tow rope to your boat and then attach the other end to your kayak.

To buy or not to buy…that is the question
The decision to buy a kayak often comes down to how much money you want to spend. If you are looking for a kayak that is inexpensive and won’t break the bank, there are plenty of options out there. The only downside of cheaper kayaks is that they will be less durable and more likely to leak. You can often find great deals on Craigslist and Facebook. Many kayak shops offer rentals so you can try before you buy.

The ins and outs of what you need
You’ll need to invest in a kayak, fishing rod, line and lures. If you’re not up for buying new gear, you can usually find most of these items at your local sporting goods store or pawn shop. The main thing is to be sure that the rod is of good quality so it doesn’t break off during a battle with a fish. Your tackle box should contain the right tools and lures for your targeted species.

Where can I fish from my kayak?
You can fish from a kayak in any body of water, from rivers and lakes to bays and estuaries. The only limitation is the size of your kayak. The larger your boat, the greater the area you can explore. If you’re fishing in saltwater, be sure to rinse off all equipment after every use to prevent corrosion.

Getting the right mindset for kayak fishing
If you want to go kayak fishing, you need to be prepared for it. It can be a lot of work, but the best part is that you’ll have an amazing time. The first thing you should do is find a place where fishing is allowed and rent or buy a kayak and all of the gear that comes with it. Then, hit the water!

Hire a guide

It is highly recommended to go out with a local kayak fishing guide at least once before starting off on your own. You will learn more from the guide in six hours than you can possibly imagine. Study everything he does and ask lots of questions. Most guides love teaching, so make the best of your experience.

What fish can I catch with a kayak?
There are many different species of fish that can be caught with a kayak. Some of the most common and sought after species are trout, smallmouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, walleye, and catfish. Anglers fishing in freshwater will often catch largemouth bass as well. In Texas, sightcasting for redfish in the marsh can be an incredible experience!

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