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Wow! Port Mansfield Trophy Trout with Capt. Nathan Beabout

After another big cold snap, which I saw no dead fish down there anywhere I traveled. The bite didn’t get going until mid morning each day. We watched as the water temp would climb into the high 50’s to lower 60’s. Most of our fish were caught in crotch deep water, with the exception of a few reds caught in knee deep water. The water color was great, just enough to make out the outline of the sand pockets.Port Mansfield

We would scatter out and bomb each sand pocket we came to three or four times before moving on. What we found was the back side of the pocket held the most fish, if you threw into the grass, drug your bait to the edge and let it fall, thump, you had a fish on.  We had several fish this week between 3-5 pounds, a few that made the 6 pound mark, 1 over 8 pounds. I appreciate my clients for being a part of Empty Stringers. All the trout and reds swam off to fight another day.

Port Mansfield
Our fish were caught on a variety of baits from DSL super models, Corkys, topwaters, and the S. Carolina boys favorites DOA.

Port Mansfield Trophy Trout Trips offered through March 31st, don’t miss out on your chance at a personal best!Port Mansfield

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Capt. Nathan Beabout Fishing Report Flounder and Redfish

This husband and wife team had the ulimate adventure. Last night the gigged flounder in Rockport with Rick Hammond of Night Stalker Guide Service. The Report was great, after sticking 4-5 nice flounder they started to become selective and put a handful of good size flounder in the boat. Getting off the water and back to their hotel, they had enough time to relax and catch a exciting Astros game.Flounder

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Wade Fishing with Capt. Nathan Beabout

Day 3 these boys ended with a bang! Got on an awesome pre-front bite and was back at the dock about the time it hit.

This morning we walked the same stretch and again it didn’t disappoint. Had a few solid redfish, and released 4-5 trout between 21-23″, and in almost back to back cast I was blessed to catch two trout between 26-27″ on the rod.

trout released

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Capt. Nathan Beabout Fishing Report

Had a couple personal best set today, and one first time. The personal best was a trout by 2nd day wading, Mason at 25″ tout and his dad John K Mikkelsen’s 30″ redfish. Manuel Sanchez had the first black drum on soft plastic!


It was an eventful day with many solid fish caught, gonna hit the same stretch of shoreline one more time tomorrow, maybe we can upgrade! Lol


Capt. Nathan Beabout

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Capt. Nathan Beabout Fishing Report October 1

It started and ended with a bang. The in between was a bit of a grind. We got on a good trout bite at first light with several 17-20″ fish landed. From 11am to 1pm was a bit slow, still managed a few keeper fish on each wade, then after some lunch we jumped back out to find ourselves walking into some very solid trout and one 26 incher.

Texas fishing

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Capt. Nathan Beabout fishing report 9/25/2017

Well considering yesterday’s strange bite for us, I was preparing for a grinder today. But, we were blessed on our first wade, walking right into a feeding school of trout. It didn’t take long and the DSL soft plastics did there thing! Spent the rest of the day looking for big fish, and found a couple 22-24″ers.

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Fishing Report 9/22/2017

The trout bite was a little off today, there didn’t seem to be a consistent pattern. Fish were not concentrated in certain depths like the last few days. Knee deep to waist deep had bites with some trout over the 20″ mark.

Maybe over the next few days with the stiffer winds, we may see bait stack up. If so, i think we can locate a better bite.Texas fishing Continue reading Fishing Report 9/22/2017

San Antonio Bay Fishing Report

Little scouting trip with my good buddy Jason Wagenfehr today, getting ready for some upcoming trips. San Antonio Bay is in great shape, miles and miles of green water to fish. Pumpkinseed, watermelon, white ice, and even some topwaters tricked some aggressive trout and reds today.texas fishing redfish speckled trout speckled trout Texas fishing

Seadrift hotels and restaurants are open. I have availability in late September, and a handful of weekdays in October.

Capt. Nathan Beabout

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