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  • H-E-B | Our Texas, Our Future Films: Redfish Revival

    H-E-B | Our Texas, Our Future Films: Redfish Revival

    This is a really cool short film about the redfish recovery efforts in Texas. Our Dad, Glen Coker, was involved in this fight and I recall him going to Austin to meet with state representatives. My parents owned Portland Marine at the time and the commercial fishermen were not happy about the new regulations. We…

  • Get Hooked on Kayak Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

    Get Hooked on Kayak Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

    Kayak fishing has grown in popularity significantly over the past decade, and it has even been called the sport of the future because of its accessibility to anglers of all ages and physical abilities. That said, there are some important things you should know before you jump in your kayak and start fishing without any…

  • Seadrift, TX. Sight Casting/Navigational Trip Report; 9/16/22

    Seadrift, TX. Sight Casting/Navigational Trip Report; 9/16/22

    Took advantage of the calm winds at the beginning of the week and had a lot of fun sight casting with repeat clients. We found fish holding in the same area as the previous week, but a little more scattered out as the water started coming up with the East winds. With the water coming…

  • Port Mansfield, TX. Wade Fishing Report

    Port Mansfield, TX. Wade Fishing Report

    This round of Port Mansfield was met with the right weather and lower tides. With these fronts stacking up every 5-6 days the water temperature is holding which is more conducive to trigger bigger trout to feed. We lost a few days because of the strong north winds, but the pre front and post front…

  • Cedar Bayou Report

    Cedar Bayou Report

    Just can’t stay away from the saltwater. When dad called and said he was heading to Cedar Bayou in the morning, I couldn’t help myself. We met at a foggy boat ramp and eased across the bay. Once we got in the bayou and parked the boat, it was a short 500 yard walk to…

  • Seadrift, TX. Wading Report

    Seadrift, TX. Wading Report

    Late summer falling tide strategy worked for some better trout and handful of redfish today. Fish were caught on a variety of baits from topwater, MirrOlure, Down South Lures, and Double D’s. We had trout up to 5#’s and all our fish were released to fight another day. Capt. Nathan Beabout Cell:(210)452-9680 nmsportsmansadventures.com

  • Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing

    Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing

    This is what it’s about right here. These 11 and 12 year old buddies say they’ve been fishing together since they were 5 and 6. Imagine what kind of sticks they will be in 20 years. Their lure selection, knots, retrieves and simple handling of fish was impressive to watch. Today we had trout up…

  • 3 day crew wading Seadrift, TX.

    3 day crew wading Seadrift, TX.

    It has been a fun 3 days with these boys from North Texas. We caught a lot of fish on a variety of baits. Topwaters, DSL Victorious Secret, Bass Assassian Morning Glory, and Mirrodine XL’s all saw action. We made it work with the winds we were delt the first two days. we caught a…

  • Seadrift Sight Casting for Big Redfish!

    Seadrift Sight Casting for Big Redfish!

    Another cloud cover day, but that didn’t stop us from chasing reds in the marsh. Not only was it this wife’s first time to land a redfish, she had the hot hand of the day. POC Custom Rods, DSL’s pearl/chart, 1/8 oz DSL jig heads, and a couple gulps worked like a charm. Capt. Nathan…

  • Seadrift, TX. Report

    Seadrift, TX. Report

    Another fun day on the water! We were blessed in another area of our bay system. We located rafts of mullet and glass minnows early, and walked into a bite. Being on the backside of the full moon, the bite tappered off mid morning. With just a few redfish playing in the early afternoon. Soft…

  • Seadrift Sight Casting

    Seadrift Sight Casting

    Had a lot of fun with new clients today. With the perfect sight casting conditions, they were able to experience another style of fishing. Seeing redfish cruising the banks just gets you blood pumpin! We have a handful of dates left available for November. Whether it’s wading or sight casting, give us a call. Capt.…

  • Seadrift Sight Casting Report

    Seadrift Sight Casting Report

    Well it worked out, we found fish super skinny, and even in flooded up areas that are typically dry. These fish were fooled by DSL’s candy apple and color x. These clients released all their reds, just out havin’ fun! Wednesday and Thursday look great for sight casting. If you have ever wanted to try…