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  • How Lightning Can Affect Your Fishing Game

    How Lightning Can Affect Your Fishing Game

    Enhance your safety and fishing knowledge by finding out how lightning can affect your fishing game. Keep your fishing trips safe, fruitful, and fun.

  • How to choose a kayak for fishing

    How to choose a kayak for fishing

    Kayak fishing is a great way to get out on the water, explore new areas, and catch some fish. However, choosing the right kayak for fishing can be a daunting task. There are so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast…

  • Get Hooked on Kayak Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

    Get Hooked on Kayak Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide

    Kayak fishing has grown in popularity significantly over the past decade, and it has even been called the sport of the future because of its accessibility to anglers of all ages and physical abilities. That said, there are some important things you should know before you jump in your kayak and start fishing without any…

  • Bennett SLT10 Self-Leveling Tab System Review

    Bennett SLT10 Self-Leveling Tab System Review

    We added a pair of Bennett self-leveling 10″ trim tabs to our Gulf Coast Classic 18 and could not be more pleased with the performance! One of the best investments ever at only $123. They have made a dramatic improvement in our hole shot while fishing the flats. Like most boats, our Gulf Coast will…

  • Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing

    Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing

    This is what it’s about right here. These 11 and 12 year old buddies say they’ve been fishing together since they were 5 and 6. Imagine what kind of sticks they will be in 20 years. Their lure selection, knots, retrieves and simple handling of fish was impressive to watch. Today we had trout up…

  • DSL did it again

    DSL did it again

    The last couple of days have started off strong with good bites from 6-9:30am. Then after that it fizzles to a one per wade kind of day. The moon showed good feeds early then again late afternoon, just hard to believe it falls off that hard mid day. But, we’ll take what we can get…

  • Bull Reds and Trout

    Bull Reds and Trout

    This year marks 11 years this group has been fishing with us. This year they are on a 8 event, 6 day trip trading out between family and friends. These boys elected to flounder with Rick Hammond, Night Stalker Guide Service a couple nights between trips. Sight Casting yesterday until mid morning was tough with…

  • Capt. Beabout Seadrift

    Capt. Beabout Seadrift

    We had a good time this morning chasing solid trout up to 24”. It was slow at first light with calm winds, but as the morning went on the wind picked up to a steady 10-12mph ESE. With water still high most all our fish were found within 40 yards of the bank. Had a…

  • Top water trout!

    Top water trout!

    Despite dodging a few much needed rain showers, the topwater bite was great. Both trout and reds crushed it walking over knee to thigh deep sand pockets. Once the wind laid between storms we, switched to DSL strawberry wine and Mirrodines. Walking thigh deep to waist deep we had a good mix of trout from…

  • Capt. Nathan Beabout Report

    Capt. Nathan Beabout Report

    Fun day on the water with this group. Had a good bite early, then as the sun climbed high it tapered off. Trout were caught a variety of baits today. DSL strawberry wine, Double D’s, and Mirrolures. Most of our fish were caught over crotch deep sand pockets, we managed a few over knee deep…

  • Ladies Fishing the Texas Coast

    Ladies Fishing the Texas Coast

    Girls can too! Lots of fun on this evening trip. These ladies were on ‘em before sunset until the storm ran us off. We waded crotch to waist deep sand pockets throwing DSL strawberry wine. Lots of trout 16-18”, and a few that slipped away. Good times had by all! Thanks Brett and Carrie Garmany…

  • Capt. Nathan Beabout

    Capt. Nathan Beabout

    Happy Father’s Day! I spent the day with a father son team wanting to learn summertime artificial tactics. With the wind conditions today it was a little tough, but we managed to find some trout green water mid morning and a had a 30-45 minute window with good solid bites. After the nasty water moved…