Sean shoots a nice Doe with the Weatherby Hog Reaper 7mm08

Got to to some more field testing with this nice little rifle and got it on video..

Sunday morning we were out hunting and looking for a nice doe..  About 9 am some does come in and Sean picked the biggest one.  Range was 140 yards.  He goes for a double lung shot to test how well the Barnes Vortex 120g TTSX works on a light skinned deer with a rib shot.  Deer makes it about 30 yards and was done.  Exit wound about 1.25″ in diameter and the lungs were soup.  Can’t ask for much better for meat retention.

This little Weatherby is a shooter. Initial testing was getting .3″ groups with the Vortex ammo from Barnes.

Sean also cleaned his first deer and did a great job, we will be enjoying some sausage soon !

That makes 5 deer for us so far this season with a few more hunts to go.  Good times indeed.

sean and dad hunting doe Sean DoeSean with Weatherby 708


To find out more about the rifle check this out

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  1. Mike Coker Avatar

    Thanks for the backstrap Sean!

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