Solo Skiff

Solo Skiff First Test Drive

Drone footage of my new Solo Skiff’s first day on the water.

Performed great, can’t wait to hit my spots up now.   For those wondering, I’m running it at about half throttle.

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Solo Skiff Solo Skiff Solo Skiff

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Colby Black

Colby is addicted to fishing. You can frequently find him piloting his Solo Skiff on the Upper Gulf Coast sight casting for redfish. #LiveTheObsession

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3 responses to “Solo Skiff First Test Drive”

  1. Stan Miller Avatar

    How much for the boat?

    1. Clifford Bombard Avatar
      Clifford Bombard

      were going for $1849 in Fla. Just got mine in Georgetown, SC, from “The Boat Shed”. they a new dealer here. I paid $2020 fot price, tax and SC Registration. Love the boat, ya can’t go wrong!!!!

      1. Cody Snell Avatar
        Cody Snell

        Did that include motor, trailer and all the customization?

        I picked up a solo second hand for 2200, came with a motor and trailer (not boat trailer like yours thought). After some modding, its getting there, but you’ve got the set up!

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